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Learning Management System for Risk Management Leader

Our client is a public company providing legal, compliance, and risk management professionals around the world with a broad range of technology-enabled insights and consulting services. The integrated risk management solutions allow customers to achieve business excellence and assure sustainable growth by helping organizations proactively manage risks.

They employ more than 2,000 professionals in countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific.

Business Challenge

In order to reduce technical debt and grow their business, the client set out to develop a new high-performance and highly scalable enterprise Learning Management System (LMS). The new system needed to be capable of migrating approximately 5 million existing users over 400 client accounts on 3 legacy Learning Management Systems to the new platform at the initial deployment phase. It also needed to scale to 10 million active users over the next 2-5 years.

One of the client’s divisions suggested using their own software as the foundation for the new learning management platform. To evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of such a suggestion, the CIO requested an independent architecture assessment be carried out by a third party. The client decided to partner with SoftServe since SoftServe was largely known for having strong experience in architecture practices.

Project Description

The evaluation was conducted by the SoftServe team in three weeks. One week offsite was spent analyzing provided requirements and technical documentation to finalize the agenda. In the following two weeks a series of onsite meetings, interviews, and brainstorms with business and technical personnel were performed at the client’s premises.

The architecture assessment was based on an analysis of product foundation features, identifying key functional issues that beard potential risks for meeting system quality requirements and may have been overlooked. The assessment has been performed using industry-recognized ATAM technique with SoftServe’s proprietary practices by a team of SEI Certified Architecture Professionals. Additionally, the solution had to be evaluated against functional and non-technical requirements including:

  • Cost of maintenance and ownership;
  • Client’s team expertise;
  • Development practices maturity; and
  • The ability and experience to create systems with similar scale and complexity.

Value Delivered

The team of Architecture Professionals from SoftServe has successfully conducted an independent system review to support CIO’s decision to make a new foundation for a strategic product line.

The benefits of evaluating the proposed solution prior to ultimate deploying included:

  • Significant savings in direct investments, maintenance, an d development-related costs;
  • Mitigation of risks associated with customer dissatisfaction because of poor performance of the released product;
  • Timely localization that allowed the team to put risks under project governance control and positively influence the project’s success;
  • The grounded proof that the proposed platform was a solid foundation for the required solution. The platform contained all the required modules and components to implement the majority of the current and future features.

As a result, our client made a decision to use the evaluated platform to implement the required system and use the platform as the foundation for other systems tightly integrated into one unified product line.

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