Legacy Revenue Dashboard Optimization

Our client is an onshore and offshore landlord – a company managing real estate assets to provide third party wind farm companies with land for rent.

Business Challenge

Our customer’s main challenge was to predict and control revenue streams based on different fee schemas that companies had agreed with different third parties.

The business faced issues due to internal organizational changes, and the company was forced to immediately remediate the existing reporting system deficiencies while integrating it with other internal revenue tracking and predicting tools.

Current systems did not possess extensive and detailed business and technical requirement documentation. It was not an issue until the company faced some organizational changes and needed to rebuild and adjust its platforms and systems.

With little documentation on business logic and technical requirements, SoftServe faced some additional challenges while gathering information as the SME had recently retired.

Project Description

After assessing exting systems and their dependencies, SoftServe discovered that the existing solution had some constraints:

  1. It was not modularized, thus difficult to maintain and improve
  2. It contained bugs and architectural issues that slowed down the work and impacted overall estimations and progress
  3. The solution lacked both technical and business documentations, making it more difficult to gather, analyze, and validate information
  4. Due to complexity of our client’s payment model and variety of third party vendors and external actors, the project required a full analysis of customers’ business processes life cycles.

SoftServe, together with our customer, implemented Version 3 of a budgeting tool that gathers information from multiple MS Excel sheets.

The scope of Version 3 was:

  1. Connecting Version 2 with a database and setting up data integration
  2. Setting up new business rules and adjusting existing reporting systems - ProjectGeneration and ProjectRevenue
  3. Re-designing and optimizing several reports and dashboards

Value Delivered

The VBA-based solution integrates with external data providers and supports functionality to plan and control our client’s budget based on user preferences.

Key benefits delivered from this solution include:

  • Major performance improvements
  • Recommendations on business process improvements
  • Integration of new business rules with other existing systems
  • Fixed existing bugs
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