Migrating Content from a Legacy Solution to the New Sitecore XP Solution

The client is a leading international supplier of product solutions and services in industrial fastener and assembly technology. The company has a comprehensive product range of more than 1,000,000 items and proven expertise in technical consulting and inventory management.

Business Challenge

The main challenge of the project was migrating the content from the legacy Sitecore implementation to the new Sitecore XP solution. This included the migration of content between two different schemas, transferring the media assets, users, and their roles.

The other challenge, the SoftServe team was required to allow a single customer view across multiple digital channels using the built-in big data analysis system (xDB).

Project Description

The project required developing a solution that integrated and extended the client’s current infrastructure with the latest Sitecore XP version— the entire website had to be redesigned. Also, the developers had to configure and support the Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM). To properly design the system during the discovery phase, the team conducted a series of workshops that included the following activities:

  • Auditing the client’s system, focusing on architecture and security issues
  • Mapping out the best way to integrate the systems—architecture vision and systems functional requirements issues
  • Identifying limitations and best approach testing recommendations
  • Identifying custom workflows that will be the most beneficial to the client

Sitecore XP is one of the leading online marketing platforms. Its unique, advanced features give it a major competitive advantage. Sitecore XP has a built-in big customer information and behavior storage called Experience Database that analyzes visitors’ behavio r in real time, delivering advanced personalization capabilities, and driving the client’s activities toward achieving the organization’s business goals. With its big data analysis capabilities, Sitecore XP is able to build a holistic 360-degree, visitor profile, which is invaluable for online marketers to expand their knowledge about the company’s customers and the competitors browsing the company website.

Value Delivered

The implementation of the client’s vision and the automation of its processes eased solution maintenance. There were several key points in the project—custom workflows, EXM support, and migrating from the previous implementation using the best practices available. The project was successfully delivered using continuous integration with the needed benefits.

  • Automated content migration process
  • Automated delivery processes
  • Solutions architecture driven by the business requirements
  • Easy to use Sitecore Email Experience Manager email templates
  • A fully developed solution integrating the client’s workflows, content and server configuration
  • Proof of concept implementation to decrease risks and costs before full scope system development
  • Hosting the solution and fully integrated processes after implementation
  • Taking the load from the in-house team creating extra capacity for other initiatives
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