Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform™ Accelerates Cloud-Based Services Integration for Softserve HR Management

Company Background

SoftServe is a digital authority that advises and provides at the cutting-edge of technology. We reveal, transform, accelerate, and optimize the way enterprises and software companies do business. With expertise across healthcare, retail, energy, financial services, software, and more, we implement end-to-end solutions to deliver the innovation, quality, and speed that our clients’ users expect.

SoftServe delivers open innovation—from generating compelling new ideas, to developing and implementing transformational products and services. Our work and client experience is built on a foundation of empathetic, human focused experience design that ensures continuity from concept to release. We empower enterprises and software companies to (re)identify differentiation, accelerate solution development, and vigorously compete in today’s digital economy. No matter where you are in your journey.

Business Challenge

SoftServe sought to significantly improve its HR management capabilities to support rapid company growth. The main business goal was to streamline its core HR processes by adopting new cloud-based services (Workday, Peakon, Workplace, BetterWorks). During this process, however, SoftServe faced several challenges when it started integrating these services.

  • 70+ systems
  • Various integration styles
  • Shared database, REST/SOAP, custom connectors
  • Manual effort for data synchronization
  • Dependency on central integration team

Specifically, SoftServe needed to accomplish the following goals to realize a successful integration of these platforms with its HR capabilities.

  • Allow integration of all systems via asynchronous messaging
  • Decouple systems communication flows
  • Provide endpoints, API, message formats and data structures for systems to connect to
  • Provide message validation, transformations, and routing as needed • Provide security mechanisms
  • Create a solution that was modifiable and extendable, could operate with cloud technologies, and was portable to the cloud
  • Support operation and maintenance with reporting and diagnostics Project Description

“Fifty business data objects and two hundred integrations were built for this purpose. Among these, MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform was an important tool that supported a federated IT, or bi-modal IT, approach,” said Viktor Churak, VP, Infrastructure and Operations at SoftServe. “A key aspect of bi-modal IT is that it supports the development of integrations by different teams. This can reduce the time needed to build an environment from a hundred hours down to around forty.”

Innovations that come from different business units require data from different business apps to operate. Mulesoft Anypoint Platform exposes complicated yet secure data structures in a form of a simple Rest API.


Business Value

Using MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform to support bi-modal IT, SoftServe accelerated and streamlined its integrations for new cloud-based HR platforms and realized the following benefits from this approach.

  • An estimated $664,000 in overall savings
  • 200+ integrations built in three years
  • 2.3X faster time to launch a new integration
  • Faster innovations - for PoC purposes, a new API can be created in just several hours
  • Improved data governance - all data objects go through the formal SDLC process, design is validated according to the best industry practices and requirements of the InfoSec
  • Improved maintainability – all integrations are developed based on several standardized patterns using similar language
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