Next-Gen Software: a Collaborative Success


To create a cutting-edge system, you need a good technical partner to guide you through the process. Development should be done without causing internal disruptions or disrupting customers while the work is progressing. SoftServe helped one of our clients do just that.

Meet MHC, a Minnesota-based company that offers enterprise automation software solutions that help organizations simplify, digitize, and automate content and processes across core business functions. This includes accounts payable, supply chain, human resources, payroll, and customer communications. These solutions also include seamless integration with enterprise resource planning and business systems.

MHC wanted to re-platform their existing solutions into one integrated platform that would conform with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. The SaaS model would offer a more tech-forward solution to customers and prospects. This first-class integrated platform would then be available to MHC’s clients in the cloud in either on-demand or on-premises formats. The cloud-based solution was set to serve as the backbone of MHC’s offerings as it looked to the future of automation.

MHC launched its new product, MHC NorthStar, in October 2021. It offered its existing clients the opportunity to migrate from its on-premises legacy system to the newer SaaS-based approach. At the same time, MHC wanted to improve its market position by targeting new, mid-level clients and making MHC more accessible to a more diverse population regardless of organizational budgetary constraints.


MHC knew that a no-code, born-in-the-cloud platform could transform tasks. It would allow clients to manage and optimize their processes themselves on any device whether they were in their office or working from home.​

To move toward this enhanced model, MHC realized some changes needed to be made to its legacy system. Along with duplicate functions and prohibitive development, support, and maintenance costs, it recognized that its integration with third-party enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human resource management (HRM) platforms was not as user-friendly as it could be. Given MHC’s commitment to its customers’ efficiency and productivity, it also realized it needed to build a new system architecture that would be compatible with the existing system.

With these challenges solved, MHC could better connect people and enterprise systems for its clients with the information they needed. It could also optimize information speed and efficiency as it flowed between organizations, systems, and users. With all this accomplished, MHC could continue leading in the future of process and content automation.



In close collaboration with MHC, SoftServe started six weeks of Discovery Phase interviews with key leadership and technology team members. We identified MHC’s business needs and conducted a user and technological review.

As part of the Discovery Phase, SoftServe:

  • Reviewed MHC’s value streams, processes, and business scenarios.
  • Identified challenges and issues within the existing platform​.
  • Learned more about MHC’s operational processes and practices and reviewed the deployment model of their different system components.
  • Defined our solution vision.

At the end of the Discovery Phase, we presented a solution with a new functionality vision, an XD concept, a new technology stack and architecture, and synchronized the product/solution tech roadmaps.

The Project

As a company focused on growth, MHC acquired a new subsidiary at the beginning of the project. This required a focus on integrating third-party software used by the new subsidiary company and creating new processes between SoftServe, MHC, and the new subsidiary. This drove an effective development process to decrease our client’s time-to-market speed.

SoftServe worked with MHC to align its strategic product goals with the technology and user experience components. We created a multitenant solution, which affected the system architecture and database design​. Additionally, we managed the application integration with the subsidiary’s third-party systems to gain the ability for the solution to be hosted in various clouds as well as on-premises.

We implemented best practices and compliance solutions that met SOC/SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR standards to protect sensitive financial and healthcare data.

Given the complicated nature of this project and the additional challenges presented by MHC’s new subsidiary acquisition, we implemented the Nexus Framework for scaling the scrum methodology. Scrum is an agile methodology used in software development that is based on iterative and incremental processes. It is an adaptable, fast, flexible, and effective framework that delivers value to the client throughout the project’s development.

Scrum Framework
SoftServe integrated this scrum framework within MHC’s new subsidiary and helped educate their team members.

We also worked with MHC’s IT team, which provided a clear and thoughtful vision for their system’s design. One that would best address their needs, challenges, and vision for the future. This not only helped MHC to visualize the end product, but also added value by ensuring that the final system would be tailored to their unique requirements, resulting in greater satisfaction, efficiency, and agility.

As part of the implementation, SoftServe provided MHC:

  • A system architecture design
  • A cloud transformation and infrastructure setup​
  • Project management and processes set up for three parties:​ SoftServe, MHC’s technology team, and MHC’s newly acquired subsidiary
  • Product ownership and business analysis​
  • User interface and user experience (UI/UX​)
  • System software development​
  • Quality control​
  • Production release​

During the new system’s implementation, SoftServe also provided MHC with security consulting and conducted infrastructure vulnerability monitoring to ensure the timely identification of potential security issues on the container level.

Tech stack

  • Backend: .Net Core
  • Frontend: Vue JS
  • Cloud platform: Microsoft Azure


The new software was built in-house for MHC as a single, comprehensive, and modular solution. ​Automated processes, from intelligent document capture to dynamically created content and configurable workflows, enable increased productivity, easier collaboration, and better user experiences.

SoftServe also created automated install scripts for the NorthStar platform to reduce the manual workload for MHC staff and to avoid potential human errors.​ By simplifying the employee engagement process, employees now have access to documents in real time and in a format that can be easily configured to their needs. MHC’s new system now supports integration with any ERP system.​

By implementing a multitenant, cloud-based, no-code solution, SoftServe moved existing MHC clients to a more advanced and tech-forward platform. As part of this implementation, SoftServe:

  • Built a modern software technological stack for MHC.
  • Migrated MHC from monolith to microservice architecture.
  • Enabled three deployment models of a workflow automation offering.
  • Provided an easy way to support any business process, which allows MHC to generate new revenue streams.

SoftServe supported MHC through all the software development lifecycle (SDLC) phases, including:

  • Requirement gathering and designing during the Discovery Phase.
  • Coding and testing during the Implementation Phase, including support with the production release, along with maintenance and 24/7 support.


Working closely with MHC, SoftServe planned, developed, and implemented a multifunctional solution that transformed a legacy system into a modern platform. We provided the client with a path forward on their goal to meet evolving customer needs. The solution not only serves MHC internally, but also benefits their existing and future customers.

Dan Ward, MHC’s Chief Technology Officer, wrote, “I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that our NorthStar product line has been doing very well in the market, and we have been getting positive reviews from current customers and prospects. The SoftServe team played a critical role in getting us to where we are today. Please pass on my appreciation and thanks to the team for a job well done!”

We know that our client’s success is our success. If you’re experiencing a similar business situation, let’s talk!

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