Performance Testing for Leading Smart Home Technology Provider

Our client is a leading smart home technology provider that offers home security, energy management, home automation, local cloud storage, and high-speed internet throughout the United States and Canada.

Business Challenge

Our client approached SoftServe with a request to develop a performance testing framework that could easily be expanded for future performance testing initiatives (as well as per-release scalability testing); measure broad system behavior when various systems/components become unavailable; and identify resource bottlenecks proactively.

The ultimate goal was to design a solution that would be as reusable as possible, so that the existing team could maintain it with the help of current infrastructure, tools, and capabilities.

Project Description

SoftServe’s team of engineers conducted performance testing on the following system components:

  • .NET application hosted on premise datacenter
  • MSSQL database hosted on premise datacenter
  • Salesforce service
  • Payment services
  • Loan services
  • iOS applications

Our approach incorporated the following actions:

  • Push test logs into Splunk via log collector and use it to aggregate and graph data
  • Gather infrastructure resource metrics from SolarWinds
  • Gather detailed application metrics and investigation from AppDynamics

Application release was planned for June-July, due to our client’s specific sales cycles. The previous release had performance issues, so it was crucial for the team not only to detect and diagnose performance bottlenecks, but also allow time for the QA team to fix them. During March-May, our team conducted performance tests and found the issues causing poor performance. At that point, the client’s QA team still had enough time to remediate and fix these issues.

Our performance team developed a technical solution for performance testing that allowed our client to leverage its existing toolset in new ways with minimum new software and hardware required.

Our team also helped to reduce the overhead of developing performance tests by reusing functional tests and converting them into performance tests with minimal modification.

Value Delivered

Performance testing was finished on time which allowed our client to fix detected issues and release the application without delays in schedule. The solution designed and implemented by SoftServe met and exceeded client’s expectations. No new tools were introduced so that the existing test automation team was able to take ownership of the framework and seamlessly use it going forward. Outstanding collaboration with the client’s test automation team ensured smooth and efficient processes and further system maintenance.

“The performance testing team at SoftServe helped us deliver on a critical project in a highly-compressed timeframe and in a manner that will allow us to build on the delivered product for future projects. I would absolutely work with this team in the future if I was looking for quick and quality delivery of performance test automation. Thank you!”- Client’s QA Manager, Corporate Systems.

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