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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Software Migrates to New Platform to Grow Its Business

Our client operates within the dispenser-to-dispenser segment of the pharmaceutical supply chain. When operating in this segment, dispensers must comply with various tracing, reporting, and other obligations. For its customers, the client offers a technical solution to facilitate compliance and the safe transfer of items to other dispensers in order to fulfill a specific patient need and provide the required reporting.

Business Challenge

After years of success in this market, the client wanted to grow its business and create a multi-vendor, single cart marketplace for the non-pharmaceutical market.

The client’s software platform, which had been available for seven years, and business model proved to be successful. However, the solution was technologically out of date could not support the growing number of orders, transactions, and users. The client wanted to migrate its systems to a more technically suitable platform for scalability and maintenance. Additionally, some functional and UI improvements were needed.

  • Stable base of clients - the client decided to broaden its scope of services and expand its operation to include sell ing different types of products, which would be ordered and sold by independent pharmacies.
  • Back-office system for internal employee operations needed to be rebuilt as the current operations were not effectively supported by the system.

Project Description

The client consulted with SoftServe to address the business challenges they had outlined. During the discovery phase, the SoftServe team identified solutions that addressed the client’s needs:

  1. NewSystem 3.0, is an updated version of the 2.0 dispenser-to-dispenser pharmacy overstock solution. The solution improved the architecture perspective and UI/UX, while keeping the business rules layer established in 2.0.
  2. NewMultivendorSystem created a new multi-vendor marketplace with its eCommerce solution to bring vendors and buyers together.
  3. Created a common back-office to support the operations for both the NewSystem 3.0 and NewMultivendorSystem.
  4. Planned a Mobile solution to support registered NewSystem 3.0 pharmacies’ activities for effective and fast order processing

Value Delivered

Upon completion of the discovery phase, the client’s team had a complete understanding of the support needed for the different development options in the new systems. The client received:

  • Detailed feature decomposition documents for each particular system.
  • Business rules documentation that organized and formalized the work of the new systems so that the client could plan, organize and make business decisions around the systems and the investment.
  • Main system use cases fully modeled so they could be understood and accepted by all stakeholders.
  • Set of assumptions, limitations, and risks identified during the discovery phase, which formulated overall context to support the decision-making process.
  • Work breakdown structure with estimate, propo sed team composition, and process approach to proceed with project development.

Additionally, the discovery phase uncovered project risks and uncertainties around project implementation.

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