Reporting and Analytics Solution for Kony

The SoftSe rve SAG (Software Architecture Group) is one of the largest, most experienced, and battle tested teams in Eastern Europe. In early 2013, Kony, a fast growing next-gen mobile PaaS company, approached SoftServe with a serious set of architecture and development challenges. An internal effort to refactor and port their server technology to a cloud platform had been stalled, and customer adoption for trials and platform usage was slowing down due to complexities with the existing on-premises model.

Business Challenge

To ensure the new Business Intelligence (BI) solution for the next-generation Mobile PaaS is cost effective, high performing and scalable, the SoftServe Architecture team considered several options for a new architecture and technology stack. A number of factors led the team to select Jaspersoft and AWS to meet the new PaaS platform reporting requirements:

  • Cost effectiveness. Web services and multi-tenancy maximize savings in terms of infrastructure development and operational support. Tandem of JasperReports Server and Amazon Redshift have allowed building an extremely effective solution within shared-schema shared-db multi-tenancy scenario.
  • High performance and scalability. The target system criteria required a response time of less than 5 seconds per report. Amazon Redshift’s column-oriented analysis and Jaspersoft’s reporting and analytics platform exceeded these performance expectations.
  • Self-service reporting. The term covers several aspects that are mainly associated with providing the end-user the ability to drag and drop business items to build custom metrics or custom reports.
  • Embedded reporting. For integrating reports with the other systems, the development team relied on Jaspersoft’s application programming interfaces (APIs). Jaspersoft APIs are designed for easy access, rapid implementation, and application specific customization, providing the team significant flexibility for integration with the SoftServe-developed PaaS platform.

Project Description

SoftServe engaged with the MEAP provider using an experienced team of two architects; one for cloud systems and one for data warehousing. This team met the initial deadline for a proof-of-concept in just thirty days, and gained the confidence of the ISV client to proceed at full speed with a general implementation.

Using the deep set of middleware and third-party tools, the SoftServe architecture team was able to create an extremely cost-effective, high-performance, cloud-based reporting and analytics solution for the next-generation PaaS by blending AWS and third-party services. The architecture highlights include:

  • High-volume intra-platform messaging using Amazon SQS
  • Celery and Redis for distributed tasks management and multiprocessing
  • Amazon Redshift and Jaspersoft Reporting Platform for data warehousing and reporting
  • Integration with other SaaS based systems.

The SoftServe development team also took maximum advantage of the out-of-the-box features to meet the demanding six-month time-to-market goal. “Jaspersoft APIs, particularly RESTful services, allowed us to quickly and easily integrate reporting with the other services running in the system, also we leveraged multiple features of Jaspersoft to accelerate our efforts, including built-in configuration capabilities, the import/export of repository, tools and components for ad-hoc reporting”, said Taras Bachynskyy, SoftServe Data Architect.

Value Delivered

Ultimately, the development team from SoftServe, led by two full time architects, de livered the next-generation solution in an incredibly short period of time, through dedicated efforts, effective collaboration, and great ingenuity and innovation with the very latest tools and techniques in cloud-based software development.

“SoftServe has been Jaspersoft`s partner since 2013 and has profound knowledge of Jaspersoft`s offerings as well as our multiple customer support options. That makes SoftServe an ideal partner able to recommend the optimal price/value balance to enhance system performance and fine tune any Jaspersoft configuration that a company might use,” said Paul Kochanski, Global Channels Director TIBCO Jaspersoft.

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