Financial Services

Risk Analysis System for Leading European Investment Bank Operations and Business Intelligence

Our client is a banking and financial services company with headquarters in Frankfurt. The company provides financial products and services to corporate and institutional clients as well as individuals and small businesses. The core business is oriented towards investment banking, which represents 50% of the client’s equity, 75% of leverageable assets, and 50% of their annual profit.

Business Challenge

The client's leadership team wanted to achieve fully-informed operational excellence and business intelligence with related goals in data governance, architecture, compliance, regulation, and business integration. SoftServe received a request to design and develop a centrally-managed and unified platform for their risk management department.

Project Description

SoftServe was responsible for:

  • Designing an architectural solution
  • Conducting technological consulting (finding a way to decrease time for analysis while enhancing productivity)
  • Eliciting system requirements, scope estimation and planning
  • Implementing activities such as software development, building the proof of concept, proceeding with quality assurance/control and further maintenance

Value Delivered

The SoftServe team, in partnership with Cloudera, helped the client to develop the required solution which aggregated huge amounts of data from many different sources, creating a powerful advantage for business risk decisions. The introduced solution:

  • Reduced business risks while meeting government banking regulations
  • Improved scalability through making the product extendable, satisfying growing demand for risk evaluation in the long term
  • Radically decreased the software development time of the functional modules by creating a universal framework and tools
  • Created an environment that gave the opportunity to release, operate, integrate, and conduct development with an automated self-tested approach
  • And supported the quality attributes assessment

Technology Stack

  • Hadoop distributive: CDH
  • Big Data storage: HDFS
  • Metadata storage: Oracle
  • Scheduling: Oozie
  • Messaging: ProtoBuf over Solace JMS bus and Kafka
  • Data Collection: Apache Flume
  • Data Processing: Spark, Spark Streaming, Hive, Impala
  • REST API Layer: Scala, Akka
  • Middleware: Tomcat, Java
  • Test Automation: TeamCity, Sonar Qube, Scala Test, Scala Style, Scoverage, Linter, Wart Remover
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