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SailPoint Technologies: Revolutionize Identity Security With SoftServe and AWS

SailPoint Technologies


SailPoint, a leader in identity security for the modern enterprise, harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate access management and control. With more than 1,000 employees and operations throughout the United States and United Kingdom, SailPoint delivers sophisticated identity solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing systems and cater to the scale and needs of complex enterprises. Despite the organization’s advanced capabilities, SailPoint faced significant challenges in showing the versatility and integration capabilities of its products due to limitations in its demo platform.


SailPoint's ambition to provide bespoke demos that highlight the organization’s product integrations with third-party tools like Active Directory, CyberArk, and SAP was hindered by its outdated platform. The platform was costly and difficult to manage and extend and significantly limited SailPoint’s ability to experiment and integrate with potential third-party products. This limitation increased its go-to-market time and affected the business's ability to efficiently meet demand.



SoftServe proposed a comprehensive solution to meet all SailPoint's requirements. The project involved the following:

  1. Development of a UI frontend using AWS S3 for static website hosting, with NodeJS, and secured by AWS ECS Fargate running Docker containers.
  2. Integration of authentication via Active Directory through AWS Cognito.
  3. Use of AWS Step Functions supported by AWS Lambda for complex environment creation to orchestrate tasks with the capability to restart from any point in case of failure.
  4. Application of AWS CloudFormation templates for infrastructure components and integration of a Slack notification system for progress updates.

This collaborative effort was marked by SoftServe's unique approach to problem-solving, particularly the technology partner’s use of the "WaitForTaskToken" feature in AWS Step Functions to enable task restarts, which enhances troubleshooting efficiency and environment delivery speed.

Solutions architecture diagram of tech stack used during the project.

Solutions architecture diagram


The collaboration between SailPoint, SoftServe, and AWS marks a successful endeavor to overcome operational challenges through innovative technology solutions. SailPoint’s collaboration with SoftServe highlights the importance of strategic approaches adopted to address specific business needs and underscores the significance of choosing the right partner to achieve technological advancement and cost efficiency.

For enterprises that face similar challenges, SailPoint’s experience is a testament to the benefits of embracing innovative solutions and trusted partnerships to drive business growth and efficiency.

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