Visualization Tool Builds Data-based Graphics for Sales Analytics Solution

Our client is a leading provider of price optimization and price management applications for companies in manufacturing, distribution, high-tech, and industrial services. The company combines powerful segmentation and optimization solutions with easy-to-use business applications that help companies turn pricing data and strategies into profit maximizing recommendations and policies.

The company provides data-driven guidance enabling smarter pricing and sales decisions to help businesses make their numbers. The optimization platform uses advanced science in its price optimization and sales effectiveness applications to drive measurable financial results for B2B companies. Their flexible SaaS model enables customers to quickly and confidently improve financial performance by integrating into existing systems and processes.

Business Challenge

Low application adoption rate among sales reps resulted in existing contracts not being renewed and pro spects not moving further than a pilot stage. To address this, recommendations needed to be enriched with visual analytics, as this would help reps understand the data on which the recommendation is based and improve overall user experience.

To increase the number of renewed contracts, and thus revenue, optimized sales and price recommendations were needed to maximize margin dollars without the risk of losing business.

Our client sought to deliver optimized prices at a low integration cost when delivery of prices inside a customer’s quoting system is not an option as well as defend the validity of optimized prices to give their sales reps confidence during negotiations. The company also required an advanced analytics platform to get deep insight into sales initiatives.

Project Description

The client’s sales analytics solution provides high-value analytic capabilities that solve common B2B pricing problems and challenges without significant investment of time and effort. It contains a set of pre-packaged analytic user components encapsulating many years of proven pricing experience and best practices. To facilitate a faster adoption of optimized prices at a low cost, this solution needed a vehicle to deliver price guidance and supporting information.

SoftServe was consulted to accelerate the development of a new product version as well as help maintain the already released versions. The product itself consists of several modules that differ in its area of usage and technologies used.

Users interact with the application in support of the business processes with defined user components that embody the business purpose and level of interactivity with the data. This then leads to an action. Dashboards are key to this process. They are a collection of reports displaying higher level or summary information for price performance and trend analysis.

SoftServe’s micro strategy formed a solid basis for securely in tegrating the analytical platform. SoftServe built a set of pre-packaged analytic user components encapsulating years of proven pricing experience and best practices. As a result, high-value analytic capabilities were employed to solve common B2B pricing problems and challenges without a significant investment of time and effort.

Key Initiatives

  • Establish a master data format
  • Develop a data profiling tool
  • Automated SSIS package
  • Data quality validation

Key Technologies

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Dashboards, Scorecards, KPIs
  • Ad-hoc Analysis
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Custom predictive engine
  • ETL – MS SSIS/Pervasive
  • DW – MS SQL Server
  • BI – MicroStrategy
  • SaaS

Value Delivered

Through the implementation of an updated sales analytics solution, the client has increased its number of new customers and revenue from existing customers. Low-cost integration with the quoting process led to faster adoption of optimized prices.

The client can now provide 100+ customer-centric customizations, a rapid demo for customer support, a robust Data Validation as a Service model, and extensible data integration.

After SoftServe’s re-architecture of the platform and application, key features include:

  • Significantly faster setup, which results in the ability to get prices to the market faster than ever before, often in less than three months.
  • A redesigned strategy interface that offers cross-browser compatibility, significantly faster performance, and greater visibility into how prices are generated.
  • Improved visual analytics – the client’s visual analytics portal and the strategy interface now provide unprecedented analytical depth, speed, and impr oved visualizations.
  • Better prices – the continued proprietary science provides more precise, market-aligned prices, while bringing greater transparency into how the optimized prices are generated.
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