Web-Based Security Monitoring Application Improves User Satisfaction

The client is a US-based company that offers home security monitoring, equipment, and installation services. It is recognized as one of the nation’s premier full-service security providers offering security services to residential, business, national accounts, and integrated system customers. The client offers professional installation, a high-level of ongoing customer service, and company owned monitoring centers to ensure a rapid response.

Business Challenge

The client’s web application, in use by end-users for more than 5 years, was a web-based portal that allowed customers to manage, monitor, and control their business’ locations with installed security systems, analyze generated alarms, test the location systems, and set up location open and close schedules. The client consulted with SoftServe and shared concerns about the outdated UI and its lack of appeal in the competitive market. The client wanted to attract new customers and increase its sales by providing a redesigned application that changed user flows to improve user experience. They also planned to introduce a mobile-friendly application view.

As part of the improved user experience, the client wanted to reduce the internal customer support efforts and decrease the number of calls. The old implementation had good market recognition, but there were individual features too complex for the end clients use. Improving usability while reducing the complexity was key.

Project Description

During the project SoftServe and the client worked together to define the functionality and capabilities of the existing application. The project, which was sponsored by the marketing department, also focused on improving the look and feel of the solution.

The goal of the project was to redesign the application to engage potential customers and increase the number of sales, use the data warehouse (DWH) in the dashboard development in order to increase performance, and introduce a mobile-friendly application view.

The solution was implemented by eight distributed team members with two milestones identified for product implementation:

  • ASIS demo developed five months after the project start date – functional product was expected for the demo purposes
  • Production release for end-users 12 months after the project start date

Value Delivered

The SoftServe team developed a solution based on the defined scope and timeframes. The value provided included:

  • Improved user interface raised the level of user satisfaction and overall interest in the product. This opened the door to new business opportunities and customer cooperation after the ASIS demo.
  • SoftServe designed and implemented the mobile solution, which introduced more flexibility for the end-users wo rking in the field.
  • DWH utilization approach enabled real time data access.

The client was satisfied with the overall cooperation with SoftServe and the companies continue to collaborate on current and future roadmaps.

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