New Approaches Pave Way for Safe Gen AI Deployment




Financial Services,Panel Discussion

There is no need to be scared of Gen AI, SoftServe VP of FSI Antonina Skrypnyk told a panel discussion at the LSEG. If firms embrace it, Gen AI can add value and become a revenue generation tool.

“We are seeing a huge increase in interest, with a focus on practical applications. Gen AI is set to become a commodity resource that can be scaled inside the business to generate benefits," said Antonina.

Our speaker:

Antonina Skrypnyk

Antonina Skrypnyk, VP FSI EMEA, SoftServe

Antonina Skrypnyk is VP FSI EMEA Solutions and Consulting for the EMEA Engineering Team. She has extensive industry experience that delivers high-impact results.

Antonina has led multiple specialist projects including enterprise crediting, credit portfolio management, and for wider financial investment. She leads high-profile initiatives in development cycles of innovative product acceleration via SoftServe’s Financial Services Lab.

Antonina also supports complex negotiations to deliver IT solutions during pre- and post-sales, and the on-site activities with financial services clients.