By Anatoliy Lytovchenko, Taras Kholopkin, Sam Frish, Olha TerendiiJan 30, 2024
AutomotiveManufacturingNvidiaOperational EfficiencyR&D

Choosing the Right Cloud Infrastructure for the Industrial Metaverse

Discover how to select the best cloud infrastructure for your Industrial Metaverse, considering resources and real-time processing.

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By Jonas Tan Yick Wei , Anastasiia Kudryk, Mykhailo OhorodnikovNov 16, 2023
Financial ServicesR&DSecurity

Real-World Capabilities of Quantum Computing: A Showcase in Finance

Unlock the transformative power of quantum computing. Debunk myths and discover your business opportunities.

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By Ihor ZhukovOct 03, 2023
Digital ProductsIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLR&DRetail

Customize Your Perfect Ride in the Virtual World

Discover how SoftServe uses VR/AR, advanced AI, and personal assistants to create an immersive car-buying experience.

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By Petro FranchukAug 29, 2023
Energy, Oil & GasManufacturingOperational EfficiencyR&DUtilities

Your Legacy Equipment Can Slow Your Digital Transformation

Legacy equipment can pose serious challenges to a business’s digital transformation project.

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By Taras RumezhakJun 01, 2023
IoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLManufacturingR&DSoftware Development

AI Explainability and Adoption in Manufacturing

Accelerate AI adoption in your production facility with enhanced transparency and auditability

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By Max Druchok, Marta PinyazhkoMay 25, 2023
Healthcare & Life SciencesR&D

The Tech (R)evolution in Life Sciences

SoftServe empowers companies to go beyond existing barriers to discover solutions—saving time and money.

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By SoftServe TeamMay 17, 2023
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SoftServe Adds the Jetson Platform to Its NVIDIA Elite Partner Status

We’re delighted to announce that SoftServe has achieved Elite Partner status on the NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform. It's the logical next step in SoftServe’s ongoing collaboration with NVIDIA.

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By National Quantum Computing Hub Singapore (NQCH), Damyr Hadiiev, Jonas Tan Yick Wei May 16, 2023
AWSEnergy, Oil & GasFinancial ServicesManufacturingR&D

Expert Q&A – Go Behind the Scenes of the SoftServe and NQCH Quantum Bootcamp

Discover how this quantum bootcamp is unlike any other. SoftServe and NQCH experts dive into what sets it apart.

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By Nazar Khomyn, Vlad Selotkin , Volodymyr Karpiv, Taras RumezhakMay 12, 2023
IoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLManufacturingOperational EfficiencyQuality ManagementR&D

Automated Quality Inspections: the Promise and the Potential of Optimization

How to optimize your automated quality inspection for your business needs.

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By SoftServe TeamDec 07, 2022
Data & AnalyticsIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLOperational EfficiencyR&DSoftware Development

Where To Next? Our Top Three Takeaways From Web Summit 2022

Here’s what we learned in Lisbon this year, and how we plan to keep the momentum going

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