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Mar 18-21, 2024


Online and San Jose, CA


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GTC 2024 Preview: What to expect from SoftServe at the Conference

Connect with SoftServe’s team of industry experts, developers, and business strategists shaping AI's future. Explore our futuristic demos, engage with innovative technologies, and gain valuable insights from our expert speakers.

Check out our demos at booth #426:

SoftServe is pleased to present four new demos developed through our collaborative partnership with the NVIDIA team.

  1. Meet SoftServe’s virtual customer assistant and digital concierge powered by generative AI. Engage in human-like interactions for an immersive customer service experience. From answering queries to providing a personalized tour, this assistant is redefining customer interactions.
  2. Simulate your warehouse in a digital twin, capturing both physical appearance and operational actions—mirroring your real-world ecosystem. Build, run, redesign, and optimize your warehouse virtually.
  3. Experience the power of physics-informed neural networks (PINN) in action. Interact with a robot in a simulated vertical farm environment featuring voice-guided control and real-time data analysis. See firsthand how simulations can transform industries.
  4. Give your workforce real-time advice and guidance using generative AI, from navigating equipment manuals to guiding workers through maintenance processes and identifying the root causes of problems. Take a test run on this AI-driven support solution.

Don’t Miss Our Talks & Panels:

Explore SoftServe's AI and machine learning expertise through insightful talks and panels. Register for a session through the GTC Session Catalog.

Training With Synthetic Data and Production at the Edge: Visual Intelligence at Scale

Integrating synthetic data in training AI models will shape the future of visual intelligence. Explore the role of synthetic data in AI model training, addressing rare scenarios otherwise unattainable. Learn how SoftServe leverages synthetic data, NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator, and robotics simulation for exceptional visual intelligence applications.

Getting Started with Generative AI and OpenUSD for Industrial Metaverse Applications

Our speakers walk through how the integration of Generative AI in NVIDIA Omniverse enables accelerated 3D workflows at scale. Virtual worlds that previously could only be created by highly skilled 3D professionals working for months can now potentially be generated in a matter of hours with the help of generative AI.

Simulating Advanced Lunar Exploration Robotic Systems

We’re in a lunar exploration renaissance, and SoftServe is doing our part. Learn from our incredible engineers how they're using NVIDIA Omniverse and Isaac Sim for two lunar use cases: (1) a thruster-propelled lunar drone for terrain observations and mapping, and (2) a multi-body and terramechanics simulation for excavating near-surface ice on the moon.

Accelerating Simulations of Multiscale Chemical Reactors using NVIDIA Modulus

Our engineers show you how to utilize NVIDIA Modulus to develop physics-based surrogates using physics-informed neural networks (PiNNs). They’ll focus on a specific use case of multiscale chemical reactors modeled using hierarchical PiNNs structure. The result? A surrogate model allowing inferencing at approximately 10^8 times faster than conventional methods.

Making Large Language Models and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) Work With Ease

Large Language Models (LLMs) provide new possibilities for engaging and intelligent conversational systems. However, managing these models and making sure they work to your advantage is challenging. Learn two key strategies that can help—RAG workflows and NeMo Guardrails.

Join SoftServe at the 2024 GTC AI Conference

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Holistic Approach to Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems Using Quantum Computing

Quantum computing has the potential to transform high-performance computations, addressing problems considered computationally challenging or unfeasible for classical computers. This poster session unveils our holistic solution, featuring efficient state preparation, automated selection of optimal quantum algorithms (including variational quantum algorithms and quantum machine learning), mapping to quantum hardware topology, streamlined circuit composition, performance optimization (including GPU-optimization), and error mitigation.

Using Physics-Informed Machine Learning and NVIDIA Modulus for Virtual Metering in ESP Oil Wells

Developing soft-sensing methods, which constitute a foundation of digital-twin models for upstream oil production systems, is crucial for the oil and gas industry. Considerable attention has been dedicated to virtual flow metering (VFM) of the electric submersible pump (ESP)-lifted oil wells, where obtaining accurate flow rate measurements is challenging. In this context, we demonstrate our physics-informed neural network (PINN) based hybrid VFM application developed within the NVIDIA Modulus framework, leveraging the computational power of GPUs to train a highly parameterized model.

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