Metaprogramming in JavaScript


Jun 25, 2020


Ukraine - Online

On June, 25 you will get acquainted with our Senior Software Engineer - Vladyslav Dukhin

🔥 Get to know metaprogramming in JavaScript (Introspection, Reflection, Homoiconicity, Proxies, Symbols usage, metadata, etc)
🔥 Take a deep look at how to use it to create domain-specific languages on top of JavaScript.
🔥 Understand how Metaprogramming helps divide software into solid abstractions to achieve better scalability and maintainability.

Besides, we’ll show you some techniques on how to solve complex problems easier. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? No time to wait, register below.


18:30 | Vladyslav Dukhin: "Metaprogramming in JavaScript: Approach to solving domain-specific problems".
19.30 | Q&A session

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