Open Tech AMA Session: Past, Present and Future of Java


Sep 10, 2020


Ukraine - Online


2020 is rich for all kinds of online events, the web is chock-full of useful content. The piece below will be carefully prepared by top SoftServe experts based on your questions specially for Java-developers. Join our Open Tech Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session where we will talk about the Past, Present and the Future of Java.

1. Submit your questions to experts at (event code 40118)
2. You can also type your question on the registration form
3. Our experts will collect the questions, choose the most popular and answer them during AMA session
4. We will also open the Chat function during the live session to give you and the other viewers the possibility to interact with the speakers.

Our panel experts:

Moderator - Serhii Voronin, Senior Java Software Engineer at SoftServe
Mykhailo Starodynov, Senior Java Software Engineer,Tech Lead at SoftServe
Vadym Mikhnevych, Application Architect at SoftServe


Questions categories:

Part I. Technologies of the past
Java 6-8
Security concepts

Part II. Present technologies
Java 11 / 14
Spring Boot
Cloud Lambda functions

Part III. Technologies of the future
Java 15+
WebFlux / Netty Project
Loom / Coroutines
Spring Apps in GraalVM


Learn, share and interact directly with the experts and the community in an online session.

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