SoftServe Meetup: Machine Learning and Psychometrics in Retail


Apr 12, 2018


SoftServe HQ - Austin, TX

WHAT: Join us at SoftServe Austin HQ for our latest meetup, “Machine Learning and Psychometrics in Retail” for free food, local craft beer, and discussion. Learn how psychometrics and machine learning can dramatically change personalization for in-store and e-commerce experiences.

In our research, we're using techniques like natural language processing, non-verbal speech reading, and behavioral economics to get a clear picture of customer's persona, helping us to create personalized experiences for customers.

In this meetup, we’ll discuss how to build an accurate psychometric profile using the OCEAN approach, which is designed to measures five major psychometric characteristics: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism. Each of them, and especially all five, can explain the reasoning behind our behavior, including our past and future retail motivation, plans, and actions. OCEAN can describe millions and billions of different types of personalities, as opposed to simple psychometric characteristics such as temperament (only 4 types) or socionic types (only 16 types).

Understanding customers’ psychometrical characteristics through the OCEAN approach helps provide an uncannily accurate message and a dramatically improved, personalized experience both in-store and online.

In our live demo, we'll show the types of data we analyze to get OCEAN characteristics, the approach we use to analyze them, and what outcomes and insights we can generate from it, in terms of product recommendations and bespoke marketing messages for each individual product and customer.

WHO: Valentyn Kropov – Delivery Director

Valentyn Kropov is a Delivery Director at SoftServe, specializing in the retail industry. He is a passionate early promoter of new trends and technologies like big data, data science, and automation (RPA/SPA). Valentyn concentrates on behavioral analytics, machine learning, personalization, and other aspects of the retail industry to implement next-generation recommendations, customer experience engines, and augmented analytics.

Valentyn is a founder of GeekSpeaks, an IT school where hands-on IT engineers teach new technologies; founder of the Kyiv Big Data Community, the largest big data community in Eastern Europe; and an IEEE and Cloudera author. He is also a frequent speaker at domestic and international conferences including Cisco Live, IT Weekend, IT Jam, London Big Data Community, Agile Bootcamp, and Outsource People, among others.

WHEN: April, 12, 2018, 5:45 PM – 8 PM

WHERE: SoftServe HQ, 201 W 5th Street, Suite 1550, Austin, TX 78701


5:45 – 6:00 pm – Networking / Meet-and-greet with free local craft beer and tasty food
6:00 – 8:00 pm – Presentation, followed by Q&A and networking

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