SoftServe Sponsoring EHI Robotics4Retail Conference 2018


Aug 28, 2018


GS1 Germany GmbH - Cologne, Germany


SoftServe is excited to sponsor the Robotics for Retail 2018 Conference, happening for the very first time in Cologne.

The conference will bring together industry leaders, scientists, and experts who will touch on a variety of different topics on automation and robotics in retail logistics, at both the point of sale and in service.

Interested in learning how SoftServe can reveal, transform, accelerate, and optimize the way your company does business? Stop by our booth to meet with one of our experts!


August 28-29, 2018


GS1 Germany GmbH
Maarweg 133, 50825 Cologne, Germany

About EHI Retail Institute

EHI is a scientific institute of the retail industry. Its more than 800 members include international retail companies and their associations, manufacturers of consumer and capital goods, and various service providers. EHI cooperates with the most important international institutes and associations in this sector.