SoftServe Sponsoring The Retail Hive Live: Engaging the Connected Customer


Sep 12, 2018


Tarallucci e Vino Union Square - New York City, NY


SoftServe is excited to sponsor The Retail Hive Live: Engaging the Connected Customer in New York on September 12th. The Retail Hive’s inaugural meeting in New York will provide you with invaluable insights across the digital marketing landscape. Discuss the latest cutting-edge concepts and share best practices with senior retail executives around topics including:

  • AI-driven Merchandising
  • Social Platforms & Marketing through Communities & Influencers
  • 1-1 Personalization
  • Predictive Analytics to Deepen Customer Engagement
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • The Marketing Team of the Future
  • Seamless Cross-channel Customer Journeys
  • Conversational Commerce & VUI
  • Optimizing Marketing Automation
  • Speed Security & UX


September 12, 2018


Tarallucci e Vino Union Square
15 E 18th St, New York, NY 10003

About The Retail Hive

We specialise in Retail and particularly eCommerce and multichannel. Our unique model is to create and manage networks of senior professionals with strategic and budgetary responsibility who are actively looking to improve an area of their business, typically through new partners, solutions and practices. We service our membership with connections, strategic forums for discussion, an annual event and dinners & drinks to network, exchange experience and recommendations. We also shortlist the best vendors and partners to reduce their risk of adopting new solutions and generate introductions to reputable partners they don’t yet know or work with. Our members trust each other, and trust us to introduce them to the right partners and suppliers.