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"Best Place To Code" recognizes SoftServe Mexico


GUADALAJARA, Mexico (February 5, 2024) - SoftServe has been recognized in Mexico by the 2024 Ranking of the Best Companies to Work for in Technology, better known as Best Place To Code.

This initiative that has gained renown in the industry since its launch in December 2018, created by Software Guru to recognize companies that strive to provide the best possible working conditions for those who work in the software and IT areas, included surveys with more than 2,000 technological profiles, who confidentially evaluated their employing company between September 2023 and January 2024.

The main criteria rated in this edition were: the level of empowerment given to them to make decisions, comfort when asking for help or support, whether the team's proposals or ideas are considered, mechanisms aimed at sharing ownership or profits, and policies regarding remote work.

According to the results, SoftServe, which obtained first place in the “Medium Tech Consulting” category, and the rest of the organizations that lead the list in their different divisions, also stand out for internally implementing other positive measures in labor matters, among which stand out:

  • Professional development. Commitment to the continuous growth and development of employees
  • Innovation and avant-garde. Development of challenging and current projects, ranging from artificial intelligence to emerging technologies, giving employees the opportunity to work on cutting-edge topics
  • Inclusive cultures. Promotion of work environments where all voices count and each employee feels valued, under the principles of diversity and inclusion; aspects where SoftServe stood out during 2023, especially for its first two editions of EmpowerU in the country, the program that seeks to train in technology from an inclusive perspective and provide development opportunities for different groups
  • Gender friendly. Set an example in valuing and respecting employees, regardless of gender, through fair compensation policies and other practices
  • Compensation. Recognize the value of collaborators, ensuring that their efforts and contributions are fairly rewarded; where apart from establishing competitive salaries, additional benefits can also be offered such as medical expense insurance or performance-based bonuses, among others.


"Less than two years after arriving in the country, we are proud to continue positioning ourselves not only as a leading company in software and information technologies, but also in the way we value talent, made up mainly of young people in our case. This recognition adds to other recent achievements obtained by strategically implementing remote work models, flexible schedules, competitive salaries, as well as standards of equity and respect for diversity,” comments Irene Ramírez, Country People Lead Mexico at SoftServe.

For example, last September SoftServe stood out in the Employers for Youth Mexico 2023 study, obtaining first place in the technology category and second in the general field, consolidating itself as the best company in the national territory for young professionals in the IT industry.

Job Comforts VS Talent Shortage

It should be noted that this recognition of Best Place To Code to SoftServe occurs in a context marked by the shortage of IT talent, which in Mexico represents 79% according to an analysis by ManPowerGroup, since almost 8 out of 10 companies in the sector affirm have difficulties finding the specialized personnel they require to fill their vacancies. In this sense, the more than 1,000 companies of the union surveyed in the country agree that some solutions to face this talent shortage are: offering greater flexibility in working hours, providing options regarding workplaces, increasing salaries, search for new talent pools and prioritize process automation.

“Given that IT will continue to gain ground in practically all productive activities, it is essential to increase the number of graduates with increasingly precise technological skills by educational institutions. While on the companies' side, our responsibility is to listen to collaborators in all possible ways and offer them competitive work schemes, which also adapt to their interests and needs under a humanistic perspective of collaboration"; concludes Irene Ramírez.

About SoftServe

SoftServe is a premier IT consulting and digital services provider. We expand the horizon of new technologies to solve today's complex business challenges and achieve meaningful outcomes for our clients. Our boundless curiosity drives us to explore and reimagine the art of the possible. Clients confidently rely on SoftServe to architect and execute mature and innovative capabilities, such as digital engineering, data and analytics, cloud, and AI/ML.

Our global reputation is gained from more than 30 years of experience delivering superior digital solutions at exceptional speed by top-tier engineering talent to enterprise industries, including high tech, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, retail, energy, and manufacturing. Visit our website, blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, and X (Twitter) pages for more information.

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