SoftServe Brings the Promise of Gen AI to Optimize Financial Institutions’ Operations at Money20/20 Asia

Latest Gen AI innovations demonstrate how financial institutions can be more operationally efficient

SINGAPORE (Apr. 22, 2024)SoftServe, a premier IT consulting and digital services provider, will be showcasing its latest advancements in Generative AI (Gen AI) at Money20/20 Asia – enhancing efficiency, compliance, and customer experience for competitive differentiation in the digital journey of the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector.

At the event, happening April 23-25 in Bangkok, Thailand, attendees will get to experience [insert # of demos/solutions] solutions integrated with Gen AI capabilities firsthand, including an upgraded digital avatar Jade 2.0, a co-pilot for wealth management, as well as an image and video generator for digital marketing campaigns.

"These next-generation Gen AI-powered solutions are more than just tools – they are part of our strategic partnership with BFSI leaders” said Dipen Mehta, Head of BFSI, APAC. “Together, SoftServe explores unchartered territories in BFSI, using Gen AI to propel customers towards market leadership by proactively anticipating market trends and establishing new benchmarks in financial intelligence. SoftServe forges credible, top-tier alliances to keep customers at the forefront of BFSI revolution.

Our commitment to continuous innovation drives us forward, as SoftServe collaborates with industry leaders, government agencies, and regulators. Together, we forge a path towards digital transformation, leveraging GenAI solutions to turn potential into performance. In the dynamic landscape of BFSI, our mission is clear: to help our customers supercharge efficiency while elevating consumer experience.”

Jade 2.0 – Guiding smarter financial planning

Jade 2.0 was developed using SoftServe’s FSI Accelerator Generative AI Digital Expert ecosystem (GAIDEX), enabling rapid and easy custom personalization of avatar, regardless of a customer’s existing infrastructure. Building on the momentum from last year’s unveiling at the Singapore Fintech Festival, Jade 2.0 provides a user experience that goes beyond a chatbot with enhanced capabilities for a more reliable and relatable virtual assistant. The digital avatar’s interactions are more intuitive, emotive, and human-like, helping users navigate the often-complex world of financial terminology, products, and services through improved accurate request recognition and more appropriate, faster contextual understanding. These enhancements enable more personalized answers – making Jade a personal and trusted advisor in creating smarter financial plans, meeting financial goals, and reaching individual success with personal finances.

Jade will also be joining SoftServe’s Chief Technology Officer for APAC Wen Huang on stage at Money20/20 Asia as he discusses SoftServe’s dedication to digital twins, Gen AI and ethical AI – particularly on inclusivity across all ASEAN cultures.

Strengthening customer relationships with Gen AI co-pilot for wealth management

Banks these days want relationship managers to be more empowered and provide hyper-personalised experiences to their customers. With Gen AI, Relationship Managers can better advise customers on the bank’s different policies and offer personalized investment advice, freeing up more time for customer-oriented and revenue-generating activities that’s otherwise spent on research and administrative responsibilities.

GenAI image and video generator for digital marketing campaigns to accelerate content lead time and for greater audience engagement

Digital marketing campaigns often take considerable time to be generated and approved – requiring multiple processes and alignment with various teams of content writers, visual designers, digital asset creators.

Particularly for financial institutions who churn out content on a frequent basis and would benefit from an accelerated lead time on these processes, SoftServe uses Gen AI not only for quicker validation but also to easily generate different personas tailored to each product, target audience, and social channel. The generator enables more marketers to reach their objectives like [insert BFSI specific example], while increasing engagement and interactions with social media audiences .

Visit SoftServe at booth #1009 during Money20/20 Asia to discover how SoftServe, with its APAC-tailored solutions, can help players in the BFSI sector capitalize on emerging opportunities and navigate regional complexities effectively. Register here to see SoftServe’s Wen Huang feature Jade 2.0 during “Digital Twins in the ASEAN BFSI Industry: Reinventing Virtual Finance Through Advanced Simulations” on April 24. For all other banking and financial service offerings from SoftServe, visit this website.

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