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SoftServe Colombia joins UN Global Compact

BOGOTÁ, Colombia (August 15, 2023) - SoftServe Colombia, ranked as one of the companies that not only contribute globally to the development of the IT sector but also to making the planet a better place for the people who inhabit it, announces its adherence to the UN Global Compact, the learning platform for best practices in corporate sustainability in the world, in order to build and promote innovative ways of doing sustainable business in the country.

With a presence in more than 160 countries and approximately 15,400 member organizations worldwide, the UN Global Compact is an initiative that promotes the commitment of the private sector, the public sector and civil society. In this sense, the companies that are a part of it today contribute to the generation of a more stable, equitable and inclusive global market, promoting, consequently, more prosperous societies; an objective to which SoftServe is committed with its adherence by aligning its strategies and operations with the Ten Principles of the Compact in four thematic areas: Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environment and Anti-Corruption, as well as contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

"From Colombia we are proud to be part of this great pact. As a global company, we ratify our commitment to building the future we want, in which diversity, equity, a healthy environment and a society of opportunities are realities. In this sense, our adherence to the Global Compact is a ratification of what we aspire to for the future and what we are as an organization," said John Howard, Vice President and Country Manager SoftServe Colombia.

As part of its commitment to Colombia, the Company has landed in the country to help strengthen talent in people of all ages to connect them with the technology sector and increase their chances of developing a career in this sector. In this sense, and with the objective of establishing its talent hub in the country, by the end of 2023, SoftServe plans to grow a 50% its number of employees, providing them with job stability and formality, as well as conditions conducive to their personal and professional growth, all under an organizational culture based on service, trust and equal opportunities.

"At SoftServe we believe in the power of unity to create opportunities, to create a future, to help make the planet we inhabit a better place for everyone. Today, from Colombia, we continue generating capabilities, training talents, ratifying commitments to be guided by the best practices in sustainability and human rights in the world," said John Howard.

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