SoftServe Debuts Veda, the AI Pathfinder, at Money20/20

The NVIDIA-powered Generative AI digital avatar demonstrates how financial institutions can adopt new technology to offer customers value-added services

AUSTIN, Texas (Sept. 27, 2023)SoftServe, a premier IT consulting and digital services provider, will debut Veda, the AI Pathfinder, a financial intelligence consultant powered by Generative AI using NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE), at Money20/20 USA. Attendees can interact with the immersive experience offering financial decisioning and education at booth #13117 starting Oct. 22.

Veda, the AI Pathfinder, is enhanced with a customized ChatGPT module combined with visual avatars and dynamic content. It features real-time information processing for interactive decision-making to offer personalized financial recommendations.

Financial wellness is a struggle for 58% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck. Only 51% have more emergency savings than credit card debt.

“A lack of financial literacy is a big part of this problematic equation,” said Filippa Noghani, AVP of Marketing at SoftServe and NYC Fintech Women Board Member. “Generative AI technologies create promising educational opportunities, especially for millennials, as the most impacted generation experiencing financial hardships and struggling to achieve greater financial health.”

Using NVIDIA ACE — which includes NVIDIA Riva for speech and translation AI and NVIDIA NeMo for Generative AI, along with the NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face application — Veda, the AI Pathfinder, captures speech and facial expressions in a lifelike representation. The digital avatar’s conversational capabilities engage users in a natural and dynamic dialogue to understand risk tolerance, spending habits, investment strategies, and financial goals. Real-time information about demographics and locations is collected, allowing for hyper-personalized advice and guidance toward specific targets, such as buying a home.

“Generative AI is creating a new path for every type of business, but it will be a game changer for transforming the financial services industry,” said Rishi Chohan, EVP, Head of BFSI and Retail North America at SoftServe. “Veda, the AI Pathfinder, is a first step to demonstrating the power of Generative AI solutions and ushering in a new wave of financial literacy by using personalized guidance and resources that have historically been unavailable or unattainable for much of the general public.”

“From enhanced customer service to personalized investment goals, Generative AI will transform nearly every part of the banking experience,” said Malcolm deMayo, Global Vice President for Financial Services at NVIDIA. “We’re working with SoftServe to bring digital avatar capabilities that deliver best-level engaging experiences to its customers anytime, from any device.”

Veda revolutionizes the client experience, offering intelligent financial insights and actionable strategies customized for the complex needs of banks, fintechs, startups, and financial service institutions. Get a sneak peek of Veda by watching this video.

Veda, the AI Pathfinder, makes its debut Oct. 22-25 at Money20/20 USA in Las Vegas, NV. Stop by booth #13117 to see Veda in action or visit this webpage for more information.

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