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SoftServe and Paso Pacifico to deliver a digital platform for tropical forest restoration


SoftServe supports the non-profit Paso Pacifico to develop a digital platform to slow climate change through tropical forest restoration in Central America. The project has started within Open Tech, SoftServe’s corporate pro bono program, where the company’s associates volunteer to deliver tech solutions for communities.

Carbon emission is one of the primary drivers of climate change on the planet. At the same time, farmers in Central America have unique knowledge and experience in growing forests by using their machetes (knives used for farming) to assist natural regeneration. Named the Machete Project, the new digital platform can help to catalyze this method at scale while enabling innovation and co-creation by local people, gathering farmer expertise, and transferring knowledge to a younger generation.

Paso Pacifico’s executive director, Dr. Sarah Otterstrom says, “Rather than offering a transactional approach to growing trees, the Machete Project emphasizes an intergenerational connection, community, and knowledge sharing. SoftServe’s talented architects, designers, and business strategists quickly honed in on this project's unique and holistic nature. The company has also shown its strong commitment to addressing climate change.”

The Machete Project can become a digital force against climate change by catalyzing a social movement around forest restoration. The development stage has started, and the project is expected to roll out in five Latin American countries, including Colombia and Mexico, in the coming year, engaging thousands of farmers and resulting in the growth of hundreds of thousands of trees.

Open Tech is created to extend SoftServe’s positive impact to communities we work and live in. In 2022, 518 of our associates were volunteering for 40 pro bono projects worldwide, and now we are delighted to join a good cause for Latin America’s locations as well. Besides, designing sustainable IT solutions is one of our environmental priorities”, - says Lukasz Popkowski, Project Manager at SoftServe.

Paso Pacifico’s executive director and Ashoka fellow Dr. Sarah Otterstrom began to design the Machete Project through Ashoka’s ASPIRe program which supports social entrepreneurs in orchestrating impact at scale through societal thinking, an approach well-supported by technological platforms.

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About Paso Pacifico

Paso Pacifico is a non-profit organization that promotes and implements landscape-scale conservation projects in Central America. The purpose is to build wildlife corridors that protect biodiversity where people already live. By working with local communities, landowners, and partner organizations, we restore and protect the habitats that form building blocks for wildlife corridors. Our organization believes integrated ecosystems, which span from ridge to reef (the mountains to the sea) are key to the successful conservation of the biodiverse natural ecosystems in Central America.