Agile Development Process Assessment for Dental Insurance Provider

Our dental insurance client provides dental benefits for a variety of customers, including companies of all sizes and individuals and families totaling more than 900,000 people.

Business Challenge

Our client needed to make its development process more Agile in order to build predictable and transparent processes capable of responding to new business challenges and speed time to market.

Over the last decade, the organization had performed the development process in the waterfall manner, with some initiatives introduced to increase velocity and frequency of the deliverables, as well as process automation. To proactively provide better service to their customers, our client wanted to implement continuous development/continuous integration processes to allow them to deliver the highest quality within an even shorter timeframe.

Additionally, they wanted to automate QA and build this into their infrastructure as part of the transformation of their processes.

Project Description

SoftServe conducted a discovery assessment and gap analysis to identify and provide recommendations on areas for advancement including the integration of an Agile approach into the organization, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) management, product ownership, and project management.

Additionally, SoftServe looked at the teamwork structure to understand how to acquire and build teams through improved communication and collaboration. Quality management and automation were also examined, as well as build management, continuous integration and delivery, deployment, and data and integration management.

Value Delivered

The discovery assessment and gap analysis revealed numerous code defects found after the development during integration. This enabled our client to create cleaner, better code, as a result of implementing best practices recommended by SoftServe.

In 2018, SoftServe helped our client achieve significant milestones in their digital journey. Through guidance, involvement, and management SoftServe was able to identify and eliminate major process gaps and introduce best practices, educate employees, grow their awareness, knowledge, and applied skills in an Agile mindset. This greatly facilitated our client’s transition to Agile development, ramping up teams throughout the organization and aligning IT and business through software development and delivery.

Additional benefits realized by the client as a result of their collaboration with SoftServe include:

  • Achieved sustainable delivery by applying scaling, change, and scope management practices
  • Framed self-organization and flexibility
  • Standardized quality outcomes
  • Introduced a business value driven approach
  • Ensured global alignment and consistency
  • Encouraged pre-planned experimenting and targeted changes
  • Influenced realistic goal setting
  • Reinforced metrics usage utilizing historical and statistical data

In the future, the client plans to work with SoftServe on strategic planning and the implementation of best Agile practices.

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