Agile Methodology for Wireless Home Security Cameras

Our client is global provider of accessories for personal computers and tablets. Under a number of different brands, the company offers PC peripherals, cases and keyboards for tablets, equipment for gamers, mobile speakers and earphones for music and sports enthusiasts, devices to make video collaboration simple in the workplace, and entertainment and control products for the home. The company has offices and organizes marketing activities throughout EMEA, the US, and APAC.

Business Challenge

Our client offers a wireless home security camera with a mobile app designed to help users watch over their kids, pets, and home when away. These cameras connect to home’s Wi-Fi network and stream live video to the mobile device. After a quick app setup, users can see and protect what they love the most from anywhere.

Users can receive mobile notifications when there is an unexpected activity, and instantly see home in full HD video, or save and replay important moments anytime—all from their mobile phones. The app is available for desktop and mobile.

The market of security cameras is very hot with numerou s competitors vying for market share. Our client needed to implement market leading features into its cameras. Some of these included livestream with minimum 2-4 seconds latency, one day’s worth of free history information, short clip compilations for the for the day, and person detection.

Project Description

The project initially addressed some bug fixes of other projects before the development actually took place. Web prototypes were designed by the client, and then SoftServe continued with development. The beginning stages of the project were challenging due to changes in the development process.

Our client was used to a waterfall process, however from a project viewpoint, this needed to be a more agile process. SoftServe spent considerable time working with team members to bring them up to speed on agile projects. SoftServe also took the initiative to buy and implement Jira components for quality control management and for tracking the test cases.

Value Delivered

SoftServe provided security assessments before first release of the client’s camera. SoftServe is actively working as a dedicated team with the client - developers and QC engineers – on implementing three applications and continuously improving existing applications for the camera system with new features.

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