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Business Intelligence System for North American Corporation’s Management and Operations

Our client is a big market player with almost 100 years of operating history in North America. The corporation comprises of businesses in different industries – from retail and financial services to social projects, sports, and charity initiatives.

Business Challenge

The company processes huge amounts of internal operational data from various business directions, locations, time zones, and even formats. SoftServe was approached with a request to develop a customized solution for the effective utilization of received inputs to move the company’s business decision-making processes to a new level.

Project Description

SoftServe partnered with the client to create a fully customized solution from scratch that enabled new experiences for enterprise management. The solution allowed an increase in flexibility and process integration while reducing the risk of potential legal fees. SoftServe managed to develop turnkey offerings in two core activities within the client’s business: management and operations.

Benefits provided by the tools include but are not limited to:

  • A flexible content- and features-centric dynamic approach
  • A smooth user experience with easy orientation and navigation
  • Responsive design and interactive experience with optimal viewing
  • Enabled financial and operational data processing
  • Increased effectiveness in business decision-making
  • Faster reports generation
  • Up-to-date performance parameters of business units, elements, structures, and products and services
  • A clear view of trends and changes in product sales, costs, investments, and other indicators
  • Enhanced experience in procurement plann ing and inventory management
  • Cost optimization through a unified library of reusable components
  • Enabled communication with each component’s respective team for a seamless experience

Value Delivered

SoftServe developed a fully customized solution that helped the client to move their business decision-making procedures to a new level. The business intelligent system provided the company with customized executive dashboards and inventory management tools. These allowed them to monitor company performance indicators and trends, process and analyze huge massive of data, and build effective decisions. The created, unified user interface components library enabled the communication of existing reusable components with their states inside the team, and provided unified user experience across the whole corporation.

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