Configuration Manager for GCP Cloud Migration

Our client is a leader in software defined IT operations and provides visibility into the entire IT stack—from network devices to applications. The company collects machine data to build real-time IT service models that train machine learning algorithms to predict and eliminate outages in hybrid IT environments, reducing downtime and IT spend.

Business Challenge

To reaffirm its positions as a recognized Gartner market guide for AIOps platforms as well as their competitive advantage, our client concentrated on cloud solutions to offer their clients the most flexible and predictable product in the IT monitoring domain. Part of such product offering is facilitating the smooth migration of its existing customers from on-prem to cloud.

This challenge called for the development of a tool for smooth, fast, and frictionless data migration and infrastructure. Rapid migration is crucial due to the significant running costs of legacy product version support and its impact on return on cloud application investments. Our client needed a trusted partner who could achieve this transition with minimum impact to stable system work.

Project Description

The project objective was to improve the migration experience for our client’s end users. SoftServe, as Google Premier Partner, was selected to build and configure the solution on top of GCP according to the requirements and defined success criteria.

SoftServe provided a standalone executable service in the scope of a customer platform, which allowed our client to perform data and infrastructure migration from on-prem or AWS cloud, into Google Cloud. The following components were leveraged from the Google Cloud Platform portfolio for project delivery:

Functional area GCP component
Compute Compute Engine, Instance Group, Cloud Load Balancing, Compute Engine Instances
Storage Cloud Storage
Databases Cloud Datastore, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud SQL
Security and Identity Management Cloud IAM
Networking Cloud Virtual Network
Developer tools Cloud Source repositories; Cloud Build
Management tools Deployment manager, Cost Management, Cloud Console, Cloud Endpoints, Stackdriver, Stackdriver Monitoring, Stackdriver Logging

The service provides a streamlined way to configure and perform migrations in just a few steps through Migration Wizards with inline help and a user-friendly interface. The solution enabled users with basic platform understanding to easily migrate their data and infrastructure from previous product versions into Google Cloud within a short timeframe.

Without this Wizard, end-users would need to re-create all of the structure manually, lose all historical data, and the whole process would take from a few weeks up to a few months, depending on its size.


The Migration Wizard was developed with the following features:

  • Supports both file-based and Rabbit AMQP-based import/export
  • Updates the page-tips to show appropriate help for the ZenPack
  • A daemon to read from queues and automatically import changes
  • A report that compares Imported Change Packages

Technology Stack

Python ZOPE
HTML5 Docker, nginx
CSS3 Data Storage: Hadoop, HDFS Solr, MariaDB

Value Delivered

The project was delivered on time to our client with the following benefits:

  • Dramatic reduction in migration time
  • Sales team equipped with the solid arguments of the merits around leveraging the Wizard
  • Specific knowledge was not required to initiate and complete migrations
  • User friendly interface streamlines user process
  • Inline assistance with verification of each step of a migration separately
  • Little to no effort from customer product/service team during migration process
  • Workflow customization based on individual client needs
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