FHIR Implementation Made Easy With Apigee HEALTHAPIx

Health tech companies needed to update and adapt their systems to comply with evolving regulatory requirements. For example, the ONC Cures Act Final Rule requires certified electronic health record technologies (CEHRTs) to update and provide their customers with fast healthcare interoperability resources (FHIR) API capabilities by December 2022.

FHIR provides a standardized framework for exchanging data, making it easier for developers to build and integrate health information systems. Patients gain greater control over their health data and can share it with their healthcare providers.

AdvancedMD, a Utah-based health tech company, managed two separate Apigee organizations after being acquired by Global Payments, which was costly. The mix of published and unpublished application programming interfaces (APIs) prevented a cohesive and efficient data-sharing environment. The company’s data was in non-FHIR formats, which was a problem as well.

To address these issues, AdvancedMD partnered with SoftServe to introduce FHIR capabilities while keeping their existing backend technologies and infrastructure intact. SoftServe brings expertise in data sharing, API security, and FHIR standards.


  • Migrate to the merged Apigee organization.
  • Standardize the structure of API requests for third-party vendors
  • Maintain compliance with FHIR regulations


To ensure transparency and client engagement, the team held an information session on the Apigee HealthAPIx accelerator. After this informative session, the project was officially started.

  1. Assessed the client’s existing API infrastructure, highlighting strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Defined a series of enhancements, with a meticulous approach to uplift the client's API management and data integration capabilities.
  3. Created the software development lifecycle (SDLC) tailored for the API project to ensure systematic and efficient execution in line with best practices of API development.
  4. Formulated a migration plan to consolidate the client's APIs into a unified Apigee organization.
  5. Harmonized API responses to ensure consistency and reliability.
  6. Initiated a proof of concept (PoC) phase to provide a controlled environment for thorough testing and refinement of their API-based solutions before scaling up implementation.



SoftServe’s Apigee team used Google and SoftServe's robust Apigee HealthAPIx to accelerate AdvancedMD FHIR API development. The solution aligns seamlessly with AdvancedMD's security practices, meets the required OAuth 2.0 standards, and positions it as a trusted healthcare technology provider.


  • Successfully delivered a certified, customized API-based solution.
  • Streamlined migration of Apigee proxies and key-value maps (KVMs), integrating the developer portal into the consolidated Apigee organization.
  • Enhanced legacy system compatibility through standardized documentation of all endpoints.
  • Accelerated FHIR API development by introducing new requests to third-party vendors using Apigee HealthAPIx.
  • Tailored authentication and authorization mechanisms for diverse use cases, aligning with security practices and adhering to OAuth 2.0 standards mandated by FHIR.
  • Launched a developer portal with updated API documentation and added bulk functionality.
  • Pursued g10 certification from Drummond, an ONC-authorized testing and certification body (ATCB).


EXPEDITED TIME-TO-VALUE: The team expedited the merger's time-to-value and reduced costs associated with maintaining two Apigee organizations by implementing efficient strategies. This was made possible by implementing the Scrum framework, enhancing productivity, and fostering teamwork, openness, and flexibility. The newly structured SDLC improved efficiency and accelerated API delivery.

IMPROVED INTEROPERABILITY: Implementation of FHIR improves interoperability, easing patient data exchange. This has a direct impact on decision-making, enabling providers to make informed choices, and enhancing the overall patient experience.

GENERATED REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES: Moreover, achieving FHIR format API certification marked a major milestone for AdvancedMD. The certification opened doors to exciting opportunities, enabling participation in healthcare industry interoperability initiatives and data sharing.

As a result, AdvancedMD gained market recognition and potential healthcare partners. Partnering with others in the healthcare field, they can monetize APIs, generating revenue and achieving quantifiable return on investment (ROI). Particularly relevant in healthcare, data and API monetization offer a lucrative business model for companies like AdvancedMD.

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