Get in the Game: Gamification in Healthcare

Lower costs, increase engagement, and improve population health

In today’s digital economy, playing games is taking on an entirely new meaning. It’s the latest way for businesses to create positive, memorable, and valuable interactions with customers.


Gamification disrupts traditional methods of customer engagement to make interactions positive, entertaining, and profitable. How? By providing motivation and driving desired behavior through incentivizing customer activities and transactions.

Yet gamification is continually underutilized by those in the healthcare industry.

In this white paper, discover how healthcare companies can benefit from gamification by:

  • Increasing engagement, i mproving outcomes, and lowering costs
  • Providing motivation for patients to successfully follow care plans
  • Using competition, personal goals, monetary incentives and more
  • Taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as AR and VR to speed outcomes
  • And more
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