Healthcare’s IT Spend Dependency on Cloud


The healthcare industry is increasingly adopting cloud and hybrid cloud models, focusing on a need to gain control over IT spending.Opportunity remains for differentiation in the competitive space for healthcare enterprises willing to breakthrough with the cloud. The operational changes that flow from migration to the cloud are apparent and profound.

To keep pace with the vast amounts of data generated daily, future-facing healthcare leaders should look to the cloud to scale and innovate quickly. Doing so will inevitably reduce costs for patients, providers, and payers—while improving overall healthcare quality, efficiency, and patient safety. To effectively manage critical clinical and IT applications, while ensuring that infrastructure is secure and scalable to support changing requirements such as increased data breeches and cloud-based disaster recovery, leaders should look to industry cloud provider AWS.

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As an AWS Consulting Partner, SoftServe enables healthcare organizations to share our experience and create customized solutions based on organizational goals and priorities, designed to securely future-proof healthcare organizations.

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