Digital technology advancements are dramatically changing the healthcare eco-system for the better. In the age of consumer-centric care, SoftServe collaborates with payers, providers, and life science professionals to deliver effective strategies and technologies for AI-driven consumer empowerment that blend physical engagement with digital solutions. From consolidating data silos for a 360° patient, participant, or member view to virtual reality for immersive drug discovery, innovations are providing new, efficient ways to improve care and save lives. And, SoftServe is proud to work with AWS to be at the forefront of this movement.

Our AWS Healthcare Expertise

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner and a digital authority in cloud-enabled solutions, SoftServe enables healthcare and life science organizations by sharing our experience and creating customized solutions based on organizational goals and priorities, patients’ needs, expectations, and technology capabilities. 
  • Resolving Customer Needs

    With a deep understanding of consumer needs, we work with healthcare professionals and industry leaders to ensure that the solution delivered enhances consumer engagement across all touchpoints of the patient, member, or participant journey. Gathering and analyzing end-user data with clinician and professional feedback through the implementation of the AWS Big Data analytics tools, we help healthcare and life science organizations quickly and strategically respond to an ever-growing demand for innovative treatment options and new engagement methods.
  • Optimize Healthcare Operations

    As consumers require a more personalized care experience and facility operations become increasingly complex, cloud adoption is now a must-have for healthcare and life science companies of all sizes. Cloud adoption through AWS significantly accelerates a business’s response to challenges, such as scalability and availability, while substantially optimizing cost and increasing productivity across the entire healthcare eco-system.
  • Increase Business Competitiveness

    By adopting and enabling multiple AWS services, healthcare and life science companies can drive innovation and organizational value—creating a competitive advantage and clear ROI. As the AWS infrastructure is accessible globally, cloud services enable healthcare companies to be closer to their consumers—including the patients, members, and participants they serve— and meet consumer needs in a cost-effective and repeatable manner for continued growth.


  • Elastic Compute Cloud EC2

  • Relational Database Service (RDS)

  • Redshift

  • Simple Storage Service (S3)

  • Amazon Personalize

  • Elastic Mapreduce (EMR)

  • Elasticsearch

  • Simple Queue Service (SQS)

AWS Case Studies

  • Medhost

    Client Background

    MEDHOST®  is a provider of market-leading enterprise, departmental and healthcare engagement solutions to more than 1,100 healthcare facilities. MEDHOST’s integrated product portfolio includes intuitive, Cloud- based solutions, including YourCareEverywhere, a robust health and wellness consumer engagement platform. Their broad offering of hosting, outsourcing, marketing and consulting services are changing how clinicians and hospital leaders work and collaborate, while generating notable operational improvements. MEDHOST delivers value by enabling hospitals of all types and all sizes to better manage the business of healthcare across the care continuum while meeting evolving regulatory requirements.

    Business Challenges

    MEDHOST set out to develop “YourCareCommunity,” a new solution aimed at automating and simplifying patient and provider-related tasks and communication. The solution was designed to provide patients and their caregivers with online access to personal health records and related tools for easier and faster interaction with healthcare providers. ​

    Project Description

    ​Built the platform using a micro service architecture for the Cloud-based portal on AWS​
    Decrease time-to-market for new feature releases ​
    Built a comprehensive consumer relationship management solution with integrated multifaceted analytics based on a Cloud data exchange platform. ​
    Built system architecture on Docker containers. ​

    ​Value Delivered

    MEDHOST’s YourCareCommunity enables healthcare providers to build an e-Client, patient- centric digital strategy that can meet the increasingly competitive expectations of healthcare consumers. YourCareCommunity is currently helping more than 340 hospitals across the United States improve consumer engagement, enhance care, and build brand loyalty among their patients.

  • Mobile Survey for Diabetics (OBH)

    Client Background

    Outcomes Based Healthcare (OBH) is one of a growing number of companies helping to revolutionize incentive models for healthcare providers. OBH are a team of health outcomes data specialists including clinicians, developers, data scientists, NHS data analysts, economists, and product specialists.​

    Business Challenges

    The company wanted to create an app, OBH Sense 360, that could harvest data from the sensors that are already integrated into smartphones. We know that people use their smartphones differently when they are sick or unhappy, so the OBH team wanted to see if they could capture how people use their phones, and correlate that with their outcomes.​

    ProJect Description

    SoftServe was selected by OBH for its reputation for having extensive research capacity, as well as experience with complex projects that require both deep technical expertise and creativity. SoftServe started the build for the front and back end of a native Android application that could both improve the collection of PRO data through a well-designed, usable interface, and also gather large volumes of unstructured sensor data passively in the background.​

    Value Delivered

    “We knew that we needed a very experienced and strong team of technology experts, who are both analytical and innovative. We were happy to find this partnership with SoftServe,” explained Dr. Nasrin Hafezparast, CTO and Co-Founder OBH. “SoftServe’s active participation and partnership approach towards this project, whereby OBH supported SoftServe’s technical delivery with specifications and research on outcomes measurement, has made the difference between an app which merely ‘does the job’, and one which is able to be sustainably deployed as a routine health tracking innovation.”​

    The OBH Sense360 project is currently a research project, but the future of outcomes based commissioning depends on finding a scalable, reliable and reproducible method of measuring outcomes that requires minimum user input.  On an industry level it could revolutionize and accelerate the transition to value based healthcare, and for OBH it would provide an additional scalable source of revenue and position them as a leader in the industry.​

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