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Intelligent Document Management System for the Geo-Exploration Industry

Our client is a software provider for the oil and gas industry. The company provides a robust application suite for E&P operators to capture, store and analyze field data across multiple web and mobile platforms thus improving operational performance and reducing operating expenses.

Business Challenge

Today’s oil and gas companies ingest hundreds of thousands of documents per day from multiple locations and sources. Most oil and gas companies struggle with managing, filing and archiving all of this information successfully and cohesively. The challenge included completing the project in 5 months which was aggressive for this type of project but SoftServe was up for the challenge.

Project Description

The SoftServe team implemented an intelligent Geo-Exploration document management system that provides a solution to digitize documents and build intelligence related to the i ndustry in digital documents. ElasticSearch ensured the scalable search solution is able to ingest, index and search through massive volumes of documents no matter the format.

Digitizing Paper Documents

The SoftServe team also recommended the use of Atalasoft DotImage product for Optical Character Recognition and Document Preview. It allowed high-speed image and PDF viewing, annotating, scanning, barcode reading, OCR, and image processing & conversion into any .NET web or desktop application.

Value Delivered

The newly implemented solution for the client serves as a one-stop- shop for the entire company. The solution converts engineering reports, geology maps and land documents from any format to digital files and can bulk import them. The solution helped the client improve their bottom line and increase productivity by finding accurate data in seconds, increase efficiency in field operations, and ensure the accuracy of records from acquisitions by using our intelligent software to classify and retrieve files from one central location.

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