IT Management Software and Monitoring Solution Incor porates Search Functionality

The client provides a powerful and affordable IT management software solution to its customers—from Fortune 500 enterprises to small businesses—worldwide. The company uses a consistent approach in its market areas focusing exclusively on IT Pros and strives to eliminate the complexities with traditional enterprise software vendors.

Business Challenge

Monitoring dozens of servers and network devices in today’s enterprise environment produces vast amounts of unstructured data. Finding the root cause of a problem using manual search through log files and/or events from multiple sources takes a lot of time and is not efficient.

IT departments use logs for incident troubleshooting and these files contains very specific information that is used to fix the problem. The log files’ messages are produced by the end device/application and is used by engineers to diagnose the problems.

Existing tools dedicated to log and event correlation/analysis are too expensive and not really integrated with other network monitoring software.

Project Description

The SoftServe team extended the existing network management and monitoring solution by adding global events search functionality, which is crucial to IT staff, to troubleshoot and for quick issue resolution. The solution combines powerful Elasticsearch with extensive full text search capabilities, state of the art scalability, and a .net based custom front end application.

This integration with our client’s network management solution provided a significant benefit to the market and increased the value of our client’s product line. Also, it helped to reposition the monitoring tools in troubleshooting products.

Value Delivered

The newly implemented global search provides the fast single-text box search functionality with easy-to use query language to search and c orrelate results from the most recent and user defined log locations.
Also, the global events search solution offers a one-stop-shop for IT staff. The unified ranking and search experience for all events produced by the IT systems and Google like search experience provide intuitive GUI results. The global search provides visibility into all events and statuses on a single page and is an irreplaceable tool for monitoring and troubleshooting.

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