Provider Notification Mobile App for Healthcare Insurance Giant

Our client offers a variety of insurance products to all segments of the population, including large employer groups, small business and individuals. They provide healthcare coverage for more than 105 million people – one-third of all Americans – in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Business Challenge

Our client wanted to develop an innovative solution for population health management to help mitigate the trend of rising healthcare costs coupled with higher numbers of patients with chronic diseases. SoftServe was chosen as a partner to help with the design and development of this solution.

They needed the ability to prioritize events by critical and secondary types and alert providers immediately 24/7, as well as for the user (provider) to be able to configure the frequency and methods of alerts (e.g. the option to add an SMS message if there is an emergency room admission).

Project Description

During the first phase of the project, SoftServe designed a UX/UI solution prototype using Agile to produce dozens of prototype versions that would help our client validate and select the best version for development.

SoftServe architects provided consulting services to design a solution that integrates with multiple sources of information and supports real-time data stream processing of large amounts of data produced by client’s patient population. The solution consists of iOS and Android mobile applications for consumers and providers and features a powerful backend system for supporting massive operations with a highly available and scalable enterprise platform.

Business Value

SoftServe delivered two mobile applications and an enterprise level platform. The mobile app can be used by physicians and care team members to receive notifications about patients’ health issues and proactively address them. The solution takes data from a variety of sources to support:

  • Inpatient and/or emergency admissions and discharges
  • Prescriptions filled by a doctor other than the PCP (Personal Care Provider)
  • Prescription alerts – drug recalls with the ID of patients on that drug
  • Abnormal lab values
  • Direct messages from patients
  • Ability to easily add new data sources

This app acts first as a notification system and has the capability to interface with the client’s integration platform to provide visibility into patients’ information.

Additionally, the mobile app can be used by patients to find help for particular health problems. Patients can get immediate consultations or be directed to an appropriate specialist. The mobile app facilitates 24/7 online access to:

  • Locate providers in or out of state
  • Check symptoms or find health resources
  • Chat with medical staff or pharmacists
  • Track claims

The mobile app developed by SoftServe enabled our client to better collaborate with doctors and hospitals to help them deliver more efficient, cost-effective care, including integrated accountable care organizations.

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