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Optimize Client Trades to Increase Revenue

Time is of the essence when it comes to executing trades. Your clients expect fast execution that gives them greater liquidity and flexibility for future trades. Automate outdated practices to enhance the customer experience (CX) by improving accuracy and accelerating funding.

Posting client trades involves outdated manual processes that take excess time and are prone to human error. Input and output adapters eliminate spreadsheets and manual labor by adding more information to trades and accelerating the funding process. Meet evolving client demands to build loyalty, grow referrals, and expand your revenue base.

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Improve funding efficiency

Our client, a large U.S.-based investment bank with operations around the globe, needed to improve CX and increase the efficiency of trades. As one of the largest custodian banks in the world, our client executes an enormous number of trades.     

Incoming trades from the client’s customers were not ready to be posted directly to accounting. This led to delays in finalizing trades. The client needed to automate portions of trading processes to improve data quality and accelerate execution.

Automate processes with input/output adapters

Client trades involved user-defined technologies (UDTs) that were either manually booked into accounting or uploaded on a spreadsheet. Adding adapters would allow trades to:

  • Contain all relevant information
  • Bypass manual steps for quicker funding
  • Minimize the user repair queue where user trades are amended manually

Files coming in from clients needed to be transformed from their original source into a format that is suitable to go directly to accounting. 

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Enhance data and delta calculation

Input and output adapters successfully transform incoming data into a common format, performing transaction enrichment to post directly to accounting. Information is then stored in a canonical format and the automated system moves it along to the appropriate destination based on the client or data source.   

Additional automation that occurs in the system includes: 

  • Cross-referencing user and bank data
  • Security lookup
  • Broker code lookup
  • Security enrichment
  • Data mapping

The project provides greater accuracy and quicker delta calculation results for end users. As an ongoing project, SoftServe works with the client’s asset servicing team to provide support and develop new automation solutions as needs arise.

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