Save Time, Protect Client Data

Our client is a boutique specialty insurance broker focused on clients with complex and challenging needs. As part of this work, the client manages a high number of sensitive contract documents.

The issue? Complex processes were handled primarily by email and then tracked manually, taking away valuable time and resources from critical business functions. The client required a solution to implement automatic business process controls and reduce this manual work.


SoftServe's solution delivers:

  • Improved productivity through real-time process communication and process step notifications and actions.
  • Process optimization, including a single data store, increased security and access control, transparency of request stages to all parties, smooth workload distribution, and an instant view of process KPIs via management dashboards in PowerBI.
  • Cost savings due to increased process velocity, reduced number of errors/duplicates, and integrating existing software licenses.

Key outcomes included reduction in request cycle time and number of approval iterations.

The SoftServe team studied existing automation elements such as user interface forms, workflow code, business documents, business rules, and SharePoint data structures.

Microsoft Power Platform was used to create Power Automate forms and workflows interacting with Office 365 Outlook, Active Directory, SharePoint lists and folders containing PDF documents.

SoftServe provided the client with:

  • Clear status reporting and work distribution
  • Dynamic management of priorities
  • Constant pivoting to align to business priorities.

This resulted in significant decreased time to market for our client’s solution.

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