Smart Web App Maximizes Testing Efforts for Healthcare Leader

Our client provides physician practices, hospitals, and other healthcare providers with practice management and electronic health record technology. It also provides solutions for patient engagement and care coordination, as well as financial and analytics technology.

Business Challenge

Our client developed a unified universal API to communicate to their various electronic health record (EHR) and practice management products, and made it available for their partner organizations to integrate their applications.

They wanted to reduce the required effort spent by their development team for manual regression testing of the API and for testing integrated customer’s applications for compliance as part of a certification process by creating and utilizing a test automation tool.

Such testing/certification required manual comparison of large volumes of data, which was time consuming and error prone.

Project Description

SoftServe implemented a smart web application, which allowed users to record all calls coming from a client application to a server (EHR) to retrieve data from the database and later play back the calls mimicking the client application. The application then analyzed the results of the baseline and playback sessions and visualized differences, supporting the ability to fine tune and ignore particular differences.

The project was unique in that our client provided their API through which third-party applications could access the system data. The application could integrate with a private cloud server, automatically establishing a pre-configured environment with the server application for each test recording and test run with ability to manage such environments. Additional features included the ability to schedule automatic test runs and send out result reports via email.

SoftServe’s responsibilities were project management, requirements elaboration, creating and maintaining architecture vision, implementing and testing the product, and providing assistance to client’s team.

Value Delivered

The implementation of the testing tool significantly improved productivity of client’s testing team. Using this tool for partners’ applications certification revealed several issues that could not have been identified with manual testing. Our client is considering patenting some of the solutions implemented by SoftServe as part of the tool.

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