Team Productivity Improved by 80% for Web Security Solutions Provider

Our client provides world-class cloud-based web security solutions for distributed enterprises. Users are protected everywhere, whenever they are using Cloud Web Security, through the client’s worldwide threat intelligence, advanced threat defense capabilities, and roaming user protection.

Business Challenge

Our client needed to increase the productivity of their Customer Portal project team and enable the delivery of the same amount of project work with a smaller team freeing up resources to redeploy to other projects.

Project Description

SoftServe’s Agile experts worked in tight collaboration with the client’s representatives and successfully applied rigorous performance optimization methodology to increase the Customer Portal team’s agility and efficiency.


Value Delivered

This collaborative work achieved the following results:

  • Team productivity increased by 80%
  • Reduced cost per Story Point by 45%
  • Improved predictability by reducing the team’s average Velocity Variance down to 10% - 15%.


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