Chief Data & Analytics Officers, Nordics


30 min



SoftServe is proud to be the Silver sponsor at this year’s Chief Data & Analytics Officers, Nordics event. A new business paradigm is emerging. Now, more than ever, organizations are looking to data analytics as their competitive advantage. The pressure has never been greater for data analytics leaders to identify the very best solutions to take their capabilities to the next level. This brings new opportunities.

Chief Data & Analytics Officers, Nordics is a 100% virtual conference and will connect Europe's most progressive data analytics leaders with the world's most forward-thinking solution providers, set against a backdrop of cutting-edge content that you cannot find anywhere else. At home, in the office or on the road. SoftServe is proudly sponsoring this event.

Our speaker:

Zoriana Doshna

Zoriana Doshna, Head of R&D Products, SoftServe

Zoriana Doshna, Head of R&D Products at SoftServe, leads a team of Product Owners, responsible for Research Programs--execution and transformation of research results-- focused on business solutions for Retail, Healthcare, Media, Smart City, and Fintech. Her areas of expertise include human-computer interaction [HCI], IoT, sensors and biosignals, mesh networks, and artificial intelligence (AI).

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