Digital Round Table: Elevate Healthcare Consumer Engagement


1 h


Panel Discussion

To combat industry challenges, especially in times of global uncertainty, healthcare providers and payers worldwide look to new and inventive ways to deliver value-based care to growing patient populations. To reduce chronic treatment costs, and enable patients to play a more active role in their care, streamlined communication on a variety of platforms will be made available. Learn more in this engaging roundtable discussion on implementing a new engagement model for your patients and members.

Join SoftServe in unlocking a consumer-like experience for your patients and members using advanced technology including experience design principles, conversational AI, and interconnected omni channel communication methods.

consumer engagement feedback loop

About Speakers:

Chuck Ros

Chuck Ros, Enterprise Solution Consultant, CoE Product Management

Chuck is a 30-year industry veteran and serial software entrepreneur. His first company, RWI, was the first to market with automated Electronic Remittance and EOB processing. He has advised and supported healthcare practices and acute care systems, has had multiple projects with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services, and regularly writes and advises on health tech topics. He holds Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and Statistics and an MBA.

Ihor Vasyutyn

Ihor Vasyutyn, Healthcare Product Manager

Ihor Vasyutyn is Senior Product Manager and Healthcare Solution Leader at SoftServe. He has more than 20 years' professional experience in design and development of healthcare enterprise products. He leads healthcare expertise at SoftServe and provides clients with domain and technical expertise to solve the most pressing business problems: regulation compliance, interoperability, patient engagement, analytics and the shift to consumerism.

Karina Badillo

Karina Badillo, Senior Client Healthcare Partner

Karina Badillo is a Client Partner working with Healthcare Providers developing solutions for their clients. As a former director of product management and development she understands all aspects of building, delivering and marketing software solutions. She has a BA in Finance from Loyola University and over 20 years of experience in the healthcare software industry.

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