Modernize with Amazon Redshift Lake House Architecture


57 min



Lake House — a new architectural approach to data platform design— is promising to put the best of data lakes and data warehouses together for increased business efficiency. It allows dealing with the exponential increase in data volume, providing a fast and cost-effective way to analyze all data.

In this digital event, we demonstrate how business leaders can modernize their data warehouse (DWH) and transform it into a scalable ecosystem of collaborating products.

Watch Yulia Sholohon, SoftServe’s Big Data Engineer, and Dilip Kikla, AWS Principal Analytics Specialist, demystify the Lake House concept and uncover a cost-saving opportunity that Amazon Redshift presents for next-gen DWHs.

Next-Gen DWHs

Our speakers:

Yulia Sholohon

Yulia Sholohon, Big Data Engineer, SoftServe

Yullia is Senior Big Data Engineer at AWS Big Data & Analytics team at SoftServe. Works in IT since 2013, has experience in various data technologies: RDMS, NoSQL, Big Data.

Last 5 years works closely with different AWS Services. Yuliia is AWS certified specialist, she has passed all data-centric certification.

Dilip Kikla

Dilip Kikla, Global Principal Sales Specialist, AWS

Dilip Kikla is a Global Principal Sales Specialist at Amazon Web Services for Analytics, focused on Amazon Redshift. Having been in the databases, data warehouses, and analytics industry for over 30 years, he has seen it through its evolution phases. He has worked with customers through their challenges and successes migrating to and adopting the newer offerings. With that wealth of varied industry knowledge and sales enablement experience, he is able to share his domain expertise in a form that’s seamlessly consumable by customers, sales and technical sales audience.

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