Personalization in Retail: Trends for Digital Success


45 min


Demo,Presentation,Tech Talks

In today’s uncertain retail landscape, it’s more important than ever to reach customers in a meaningful, engaging—and personal—way.

In this webinar, retailers can learn and understand the importance of scalable content, omnichannel personalization, automated suggestions, and how psychometrics play a role for advanced personalization capabilities.


SoftServe’s Director of Digital Experience Platform Georgi Bilyukov and DXP Marketing Consultant Michaella Pesheva will walk you through which personalization trends are most vital in business today in order to keep your brand top-of-mind and your customers engaged.

About Speakers:

Georgi Bilyukov

Georgi Bilyukov

Head of DXP Unit at SoftServe leading a team of architects, engineers and digital strategists focused on building customer-focused solutions using various digital platforms.

Georgi has 10+ years industry experience combining technical, leadership and consultancy roles. He is passionate about MarTech and the part of the job he loves the most is turning business and marketing goals into digital experience solutions.

Michaella Pesheva

Michaella Pesheva

DXP Marketing Consultant focused on delivering value to businesses through customer experience (CX) strategy and digital marketing. Michaella ensures solutions contribute to key business goals and improve KPIs by providing seamless customer experiences using different digital platforms for omnichannel content management, digital asset management, personalization at scale, marketing automation, commerce and experience optimization.

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