The Journey to Smart(Er) Healthcare: How to Survive (and Thrive) in Today’s Digital Health Ecosystem Roundtable


1h 30 min



In June of 2007 Steve Job’s announced the iPhone launch and it was a pivotal moment that sparked a technology revolution. This new platform has enabled rapid technological change acting as a key catalyst of the mobile health (mHealth) revolution.

Smarter Healthcare

Prior to the launch of the iPhone & App Store in 2008, the digital health market was highly fragmented and lacked a distribution platform to connect directly with patients. Mobile platforms have evolved significantly over the past decade and Apple & Google have actively engaged the HealthTech community by launching platforms like HealthKit and GoogleFit/Samsung Health. Over a similar time period, we’ve seen the convergence of mHealth and connected health driving Health Tech startups & established healthcare players to begin building connected health platforms.

According to Grand View Research, the connected health & wellness market will grow to $612 billion market by 2024 which presents a significant opportunity and unique challenges across the healthcare continuum. There are several key considerations for providers, life sciences, medical device vendors and insurers to capitalize on this market opportunity while still improving patient & healthcare outcomes. The pace of change in healthcare will continue to accelerate in the years to come while the expectations of patients continue to rise along with the ever-increasing costs of healthcare delivery.

Join SoftServe and a select group of your peers as we discover how to effectively respond to the shift towards digital healthcare, be uniquely positioned to capitalize on this paradigm shift and continue to be or become market leaders in the rising digital health ecosystem.

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