Unifying API & UX for TME In a Multi-cloud Environment with Google's Apigee and Anthos


35 min



Customers today interact with a company’s content and customer service across multiple platforms and numerous devices. Whether signing up, signing in, or consuming and sharing content—the one thing all customers want is a consistent UX experience.

Enterprises using API management for a unified API are much more likely to beat competitors at delivering a consistent experience across multiple touchpoints. With a well-defined API, companies can provide secure and seamless access to their services regardless of service implementation.

However, this frictionless experience can be challenging if your company is beholden to a particular system and environment. Some companies solve this problem by adopting a multi-cloud strategy while maintaining an on-prem digital infrastructure.

When that happens, API experts are left searching for a simple approach to implement user experience strategy. These experts need a method for managing their unified API across on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud environments.

In this session, we'll provide an overview of how Apigee API Management and Anthos Multi-Cloud Platform can create a unified API solution and a consistent user experience—all within multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Who Should Watch

Leaders and engineers who want to enable a consistent user experience using Apigee API management within a multi-cloud strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • The opportunities and challenges when creating a seamless user experience
  • Technical aspects of Apigee integration
  • How Apigee combines data from different content APIs to create a unified API
  • How to enable a consistent user experience with API management
  • Why a unified API is the real key to success

Demo Description

The demonstration will showcase:

  • Apigee Hybrid platform setup
  • Unified API development with Apigee API Management
  • Adopting a multi-cloud strategy using Apigee Hybrid & Anthos (including an Anthos Dashboards overview)
  • Brand pages created using a unified frontend API via Apigee Hybrid


About Speakers:

Iurii Regeda

Iurii Regeda, Certified Google Apigee & Cloud Architect Professional

Iurii Regeda, is a Solution Architect at SoftServe, leading our Apigee practice as a certified Google Apigee & Cloud Architect. Iurii has led numerous projects and integrations across the US and Europe, with ten years of IT experience ranging from API Management Platforms (Apigee, MuleSoft) to eCommerce Platforms (Oracle Commerce, Elasticpath, SAP Commerce). His hands-on experience with Java and API management, combined with his commerce expertise, allow Iurii to deliver success for both B2C and B2B clients consistently.

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