by  Navjot Singh

2019 Trends: Financial Services Firms Shift Focus to Collaboration

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Technology trends are converging. Accelerating development, collaboration, speeding adoption, and inspiring innovation are adding to the fast pace of change in financial services.

This pace of change is often affected when a technological innovation gathers critical mass in terms of distribution base, acceptances, and capability. For every technology there’s a need and with every need is a human, and because of this, 2019 will be the year of the human in digital banking.


Data Insights for Better Decision Making

As a financial services provider, have you considered how you could use powerful and accurate near-time data analysis to understand your customer journeys better?

Data science drives a lot of better decision making, if your data scientists are able to communicate meritoriously with the rest of the business. For our clients, it means ensuring that the management listen to their data scientists and analysts and come up with actionable insights.

Express Innovation Using Tomorrow's Technologies

Many areas of technology in financial services are reaching such a critical mass and progressively this convergence is driving greater and more rapid impact in the industry. Big data and blockchain are converging due to the rapidly changing customer behaviors.

The growing rate of new trends is significant, and interfaces that were easy to use are becoming more intuitive. Customer engagement is crucial and this is why believe that 2019 will be the year of having a customer-centric perspective in digital banking.

What does this all mean?

  • The emergence of new trends and disruption is increasing
  • Financial services need to engage with the changing landscape and influence stakeholders to recognize the impact

What will your business look like in 2019? How can banks and financial institutions make this shift to digital?

Let’s look at some of the trends that we believe will have a massive impact on the financial services indus try in 2019. Read our white paper to learn more, “Financial Services 2019 Trends − Evolving at the Pace of Change.”

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