by  Iurii Milovanov

The Current Reality of Artificial Intelligence

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While many are quick to assume that artificial intelligence (AI) has limitless capabilities, the truth of the matter is that, in most cases today, AI has the intelligence level of a mouse.


But while its current IQ doesn’t mirror that of human beings, AI is still fueling valuable innovations today. People experience AI in their daily lives without a second thought:

  • Asking for directions on smart phones
  • Relying on autocorrect for hurried, typed messages
  • Using a voice assistant to check the weather
  • Playing an augmented reality video game
  • Sleeping on a bed that adjusts to your position throughout the night
  • Receiving recommendations online based on previous purchases

Artificial i ntelligence has far-reaching business potential as well—and executives across all industries are increasingly taking notice. From personalized experiences, to training staff, to robots conducting key processing in manufacturing—AI is at the heart of future-proofing technology today, so that relevance is assured for the future.

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