by  Alexander Amelin

Don’t Fear the Cloud—Embrace It

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A reluctance to move the cloud has been universal across industries, but with increased threats and regulations, the time has come for healthcare providers to embrace migration. It is no longer a question of if, but when your organization will migrate. Those who elevate now will reap the most rewards.

Whether on premise, offsite, or a hybrid of both, the cloud provides improved security and compliance by design. But not all providers are the same; administrators would be wise to carefully examine their options before choosing a provider to ensure the following is offered at a minimum:

  • Encrypted data
  • Secure data back up
  • Ease of data recovery
  • Strict access requirements

In fact, the very concerns a company may have for cloud migration are the very benefits the cloud provides inherently. Companies that embrace cloud-based applications find them to be more secure and capable than traditional on-premise.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the few cloud service providers with healthcare specific services governed by HIPPA and HITECH, and SoftServe is a distinguished member of the AWS Partner Network with DevOps C ompetency Status.

To learn how SoftServe and AWS can help you achieve greater security and compliance, read our latest white paper, “Elevating Healthcare with the Cloud”.

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