by  Volodymyr Yelchev

Due Diligence in Healthcare Cloud Security

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No one is immune to data breaches—frequent hacking incidents show why organizations need to take the time to regularly review their technical and administrative safeguards.

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Imagine a world where you have the right data loss prevention controls in place so that you can rest easy knowing all of your patient information is safe and secure—and you no longer have to budget for fines due to the loss of PII and PHI data.

In many cloud platforms, such as AWS, Microsoft, and others, healthcare organizations can access systems that are already configured to be compliant with health regulations. In fact, the cloud provider gives you better guidance within Microsoft and AWS to help you keep your system compliant.


We also propagate security in our solutions, shrinking the spike of security defects and tracking security as part of the release lifecycle.

Want to learn more about cloud security as it relates to healthcare? Check out our white paper, “Healthcare Security and Compliance in the Cloud.”

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